Can a manager be a referee for British citizenship?

Can your friend be your British citizenship referee?

While an applicant may have friends who are British citizens and therefore can act as a referee; however, finding a referee of professional standing can be a little bit difficult if not impossible. … Some other professionals include your dentist, optician, or teacher.

Who can act as a referee?

Referees could include contacts from Saturday jobs, temporary work or volunteer positions. You could also supply details of a teacher, lecturer or tutor but work references are always preferred. Sometimes, references are only given out by the HR department of an organisation.

Who can be passport referee?

Your application must be endorsed by 2 referees. One referee must be a person of any nationality who has professional standing, such as a minister of religion, civil servant or a member of a professional body, for example, accountant or solicitor (but not representing you with this application).

Can my accountant be my referee?

For an adult application, one referee should be a person of any nationality who has professional standing, eg minister of religion, civil servant, or a member of a professional body e.g. accountant or solicitor (who is not representing you with this application).

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Can a professional referee be a friend?

Those providing the reference should know you well and be able to give examples that back up statements about your character. While friends and family are acceptable referees, it is better for you to select someone who is not immediate family as their opinion may be construed as being biased.

Who can be a referee for child British citizenship?

For a child application one referee should be someone who has engaged with the child in a professional capacity, such as a doctor, teacher, health visitor, social worker or minister of religion. The other referee must be the holder of a British citizen passport, and either a professional person or over the age of 25.

What if you can’t use your boss as a reference?

What to do if a former employer won’t give you a reference

  1. Lean on your other references. …
  2. Get a reference from someone else within the company. …
  3. Be honest and unemotional.

Who is a professional reference?

Professional references are persons who can vouch for your qualifications for a job based on their insight into your work ethic, skills, strengths, and achievements. Typically, a professional reference is a former employer.

Can my manager countersign my passport?

Yes a store manager can countersign your passport. There is a long list of people who can countersign your passport application. Main thing is they are a person of good standing in the community, so any professional, a manager, your boss, NHS worker, policeman or fireman.

Can a doctor be a referee for Naturalisation?

Doctors are DEFINITELY accepted as referees. I used 2 doctors as referees for my Citizenship application and it was approved with no problems.

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How do I submit my British citizenship?

Your passport or national identity card or Home Office travel document or Home Office entitlement card or Home Office ARC letter or birth certificate or photographic driving licence or a bank, building society or credit card statement issued to you within the last six months.