Best answer: Who was the first First Minister of Scotland?

Who has been First Minister of Scotland?

Chronological list of First Ministers of Scotland

No. Name (birth and death) Constituency Term (Election)
1 Donald Dewar (1937–2000)† MSP for Glasgow Anniesland 1st (1999)
Jim Wallace (acting) MSP for Orkney
2 Henry McLeish (1948–) MSP for Central Fife
Jim Wallace (acting) MSP for Orkney

What does a first minister do?

The First Minister chairs the Scottish Cabinet, the main forum for ministers to consider and make key decisions on the strategic priorities and policies of the government to achieve its objectives.

Is Tony Blair Scottish?

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was born at Queen Mary Maternity Home in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 6 May 1953. He was the second son of Leo and Hazel (née Corscadden) Blair.

Who was Donald Dewar married to?

What party was Donald Dewar?

What is the capital of Scotland?

Who is the head of Scotland?

Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon (born 19 July 1970) is a Scottish politician serving as First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) since 2014.

Nicola Sturgeon.

The Right Honourable Nicola Sturgeon MSP
Deputy John Swinney
Preceded by Alex Salmond
Leader of the Scottish National Party
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