Best answer: Who regulates Scottish Water?

Is there an ombudsman for Scottish Water?

The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) is the final stage for complaints about most organisations that provide public services in Scotland, including Scottish Water. Their service is independent, free and confidential.

How is Scottish Water regulated?

Scotland’s public drinking water and sewerage services are provided by Scottish Water, a public company accountable to Scottish Ministers and Scottish Parliament. … Private water supplies in Scotland are the responsibility of owners and users and are regulated by local authorities.

Does Ofwat regulate Scottish Water?

We do not regulate in Scotland. The economic regulator for water in Scotland is the Water Industry Commissioner for Scotland.

Is Scottish Water government owned?

Because 100 percent of it is owned by the Scottish Government it is considered a statutory corporation. It has a headquarters in Dunfermline and offices in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. 3,600 people are employed across the organisation.

How do I report a Scottish Water leak?

Reporting Leaks

Issues can be reported via the online reporting portal on Scottish Water’s website at, via its facebook or twitter pages, or by calling 0800 077 8778.

Do Scottish Water unblock drains?

If the flooding is caused by a blockage in the public sewer, Scottish Water will attend and clear the blockage. If extreme weather has caused waste water to overflow, we will carry out a clean up and investigate further.

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Who is responsible for a private water supply?

A private water supply is a drinking water source which is NOT provided by a licensed water supply company or utility. It is typically from a local well, borehole, spring, lake, river or stream. The water quality is the responsibility of the owner(s) of the property from where the water source is drawn and/or used.

Who owns the rivers in Scotland?

3 The freshwater flowing though Scotland’s rivers, streams, lochs and other water bodies has, by the nature of its flow, defied ownership. However, during the historical development of Scotland’s system of land ownership, the rights to use water became attached to the ownership of the adjacent land.

Is Scottish Water devolved?

Devolution has had a significant impact on the governance of water in Scotland. There have been three Acts of the Scottish Parliament passed since the start of Devolution.

Who is the water ombudsman?

Complaining to the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater)

CCWater is an independent consumer organisation which deals with complaints about water companies.