Best answer: Who has swum the English Channel 4 times?

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How many swimmers have swum the English Channel?

Approximately 8,215 swimmers have taken part in 1,062 relay swims and 643 special category swims. 63.0% of swimmers have been male. 37.0% of swimmers have been female. The average age of a solo swimmer is 35 years, 167 days (based on 925 swims, 38% of all solo swims).

Has anyone swam across English Channel?

Matthew Webb, a 27-year-old merchant navy captain, becomes the first known person to successfully swim the English Channel. Captain Webb accomplished the grueling 21-mile crossing, which really entailed 39 miles of swimming because of tidal currents, in 21 hours and 45 minutes.

What is the current record for swimming the English Channel?

14 hours and 30 minutes later, coming ashore at Kingsdown, Kent, England, in a total time of 14 hours and 39 minutes, making her the first woman to complete the crossing and setting the record for the fastest time, breaking the previous mark set by Tirabocchi by almost two hours.

Who was CN Janaki?

C N Janaki was the first ever disabled person who swam the English Channel in 1992 in a relay team; she was afflicted with the disease of polio when she was only 2 years old. … Though she suffered from polio on both her legs, she successfully swam the English Channel and made her relay team proud.

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How much is it to swim the English Channel?

Swimming the Channel is not cheap and will set you back a few thousand pounds, the largest chunk of which goes towards a registered pilot and escort boat (up to £2,750). 8. The distance swum is approximately 21 miles, but changes according to the current.

Is it legal to swim the English Channel?

Must be aged 12 years, or older, on the day the Swim commences and at least 50% of the Team shall be 16 years old, or older, on the day the Swim commences. iia) The CSA resolved on the 5th November 2006 that for teams of less than 6 persons, all members must be over 16 years of age.