Best answer: Who can rent a car in Ireland?

Who is eligible to rent a car?

It’s simple, all you need is: Renters must be at least 20 years old to rent a vehicle at most locations in the U.S. and Canada. In Michigan, New York and the province of Quebec, the minimum age to rent a vehicle is 18.

Can I hire a car in Ireland with a UK licence?

UK drivers licence

Irish car rental companies require all UK licence holders to present a ‘check code’ before the rental can be released; the ‘check code’ will be valid for 21 days.

What documents do I need to hire a car in Ireland?

Usually when hiring a car, you will be asked to show proof of identity (for example, your passport) and a credit card. You will also need to show your valid driving licence. Check with the rental company to see if you need more documentation, such as an international driver’s permit.

Can an 80 year old rent a car?

Hertz requires drivers to be aged at least 21 when hiring a vehicle, with those aged under 25 unable to hire from the Prestige, Adrenaline and Dream car collections. … While there is no maximum age limit to hire a car from Hertz, producing a medical certificate at the time of hiring is recommended for those aged over 75.

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Can I borrow a car in Ireland?

To rent a car in Ireland, you’ll need: Valid Driver’s License (for non-EU visitors, an International Driving Permit is required if the license is not written in English). Valid ID (Driver’s license or passport can be used.) Credit or debit card.

Can new drivers rent a car Ireland?

Age Restrictions

A person can drive a car in Ireland from as young as 17 years of age. To rent a car in Ireland you must be at least 21 years old. Drivers under 23 years of age are subject to a young driver fee.

Can I rent an automatic car in Ireland?

The most cars in Ireland are operated by a manual gear shift. All car hire companies will have a limited range of automatics available for hire in all car sizes. If you are interested in hiring an automatic car, the best advice is to book early to ensure availability and call ahead to make sure your booking is filled.

Can I rent my car to someone?

Turo has the largest share of this peer-to-peer car sharing market. Founded in 2009, they have cars available in 4,500+ cities and more than 300 airports. Renters can choose from over 800 makes and models and save up to 35% when compared to renting from traditional car rental companies.

Do you need insurance to drive a rental car?

Find out what you need to know about rental car insurance. All rental cars have to have three basic types of cover to be on the road: damage cover, theft cover and third-party cover.

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Can a 76 year old rent a car in Ireland?

It is illegal to rent a car in Ireland if you are over 70.

Most car rental companies in Ireland will rent to driver up to age 75 without any additional restrictions.

Can I rent a car at 21 in Ireland?

Yes you can rent a car in Ireland if you are under 25 years of age from specific car rental companies. Young driver’s age: 21 to 25 years can hire a car, however you will need to pay an insurance supplement fee of 38 to 40 EUR per day which will includes 13.5% tax. …

Is there an age limit to hire a car?

Rental companies vary in how they treat older drivers. Some have an upper age limit for renting, while others charge a senior driver fee (often from age 70). The good news is that many rental companies don’t have any upper age restrictions. … Renting a car when you’re 70 or over is usually easy.