Best answer: When did Italy last beat Scotland in 6 Nations?

Has Italy ever beaten Scotland in the Six Nations?

The victory against Scotland was their last win in the Six Nations, and they lost all games in the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 tournaments, a losing run of 32 games.

When did Italy last beat Scotland in rugby?


Record Italy Scotland
Home 34 (5 February 2000) 52 (20 March 2021)
Away 37 (24 February 2007) 36 (27 February 2016)
Largest winning margin
Home 14 (5 February 2000) 42 (20 March 2021)

When was the last time Italy beat England in the Six Nations?

England had played Italy three times in Rugby World Cups, once in a Rugby World Cup qualifier at Huddersfield and once in an Autumn International, prior to them joining the Six Nations Championship.


Date 8 October 1991
Venue Twickenham, London
Score 36–6
Winner England
Competition 1991 Rugby World Cup Pool Stage

When did Italy last lose in Rome football?

When did Italy last lose a game? Italy’s unbeaten run stretches back to 2018, meaning they’ve gone two full calendar years without losing a game. Their last defeat came at the hands of Euro 2016 winners Portugal in the Nations League on Monday 10 September 2018.

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When was the last time Italy won the Euros?

Results by nation

Team Winners Years won
Germany 3 1972, 1980, 1996
Spain 3 1964, 2008, 2012
Italy 2 1968, 2020
France 2 1984, 2000

Has Italy ever beaten Ireland at rugby?

The History of rugby union matches between Ireland and Italy dates back to New Year’s Eve 1988 when Ireland defeated Italy in a friendly, 31–15. … The teams’ most recent meeting was in a 2021 Six Nations in Rome, where Ireland won 10–48.

When did England last beat Italy in football?

England fans have to go back to 15 August 2012 for the last time the Three Lions recorded a win over Italy – their only victory from the past eight meetings between the two proud nations.

How many times have Italy beaten England?

Have England ever beaten Italy? Yes, England have beaten Italy on eight previous occasions, out of a total of 27 matches. This includes a World Cup qualifier in 1977 and a 3-2 victory back in 1934, an international friendly which marked their second ever meeting.

How many times England won Italy?

Italy have the overall edge, winning 10, with England victorious eight times.