Best answer: What size is EUR 38 in UK H&M?

How do I know my size in H&M?

How to measure your body:

  1. Measure your chest over the fullest part of your bust while wearing a bra that fits.
  2. Measure your waist at the narrowest point.
  3. Measure from shoulder to wrist.
  4. Your hip measurement should be measured around the fullest part of your hips.

What is 32 size in H&M?


EUR 32 60
UK 4 32
Chest cm 74-78 143-149
Chest inch 29-30¾ 56¼-58½

Do H&M shoes fit true to size?

H&M has a reputation for having true to size fitting so just select your shoe size and be assured it is likely to fit. The shoe width may present a problem for narrow footed people as it does not appear they have different widths for selection.

What size does H&M go up to?

By the end of August, “size 12 (formerly size 14) will be offered for most of our collection in store and we will have most products bought up to a size 18 for online. HM+ will start at size 12 and go to size 26 for the fall,” the H&M spokesperson said.

What size is EUR 38 in UK?

Women’s Size Conversions

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US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes
8 38-39 6
8.5 39 6.5
9 39-40 7
9.5 40 7.5

What size is EUR 38 in UK clothes?

Women’s Clothing Sizes

UK Sizes Europen Sizes
10 38
M 12 40
14 42
L 16 44

What does M’s size mean?

Men’s Sizes. Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L) Extra Large (XL)

Did H&M change their sizes 2020?

In-store, the brand is making these changes clear to shoppers by hanging tags on certain items that break down its new sizes; per Racked, they read, “You’ve asked, we’ve listened! We’re changing our sizing. Try on this item to find your size.” In the U.S., H&M new full size range is from 0 through 26.

Is H&M a bad company?

At the end of the day, H&M is still very much a part of the unsustainable fast fashion industry. Its promotion of ‘disposable’ fashion and constant rotations of new trends and products has a huge environmental impact. An increasing amount of cheap clothing ends up in landfill after a few wears due to these reasons.