Best answer: What is the largest park in London?

Is Regent’s park bigger than Hyde Park?

Some of the parks are pretty substantial as well. The largest of London’s parks are bigger than some small countries (see below for details).

The full list of London Parks.

Names Type Area (square km)
Regent’s Park Royal park 2
Mitcham Common Other open spaces 1.8
Trent Park Other open spaces 1.7
Hyde Park Royal park 1.4

Is Trent park bigger than Hampstead Heath?

There are many parks and open spaces in Greater London, England.

Other green spaces.

name hectares acres
Hampstead Heath 320 790
Walthamstow Wetlands 211 520
Mitcham Common 182 450
Trent Park 169 418

Is Central Park bigger than Richmond Park?

Richmond Park

The largest of London’s Royal Parks. It measures 2,500 acres – three times the size of Central Park, five times bigger than Monaco. … Richmond Park’s gargantuan size makes it a big player on the wildlife conservation scene.

Which is bigger Hampstead Heath or Richmond Park?

Which is London’s largest park? … Richmond Park, to the south-west, is the sixth largest public park in the UK, 9.53 square kilometres of deer and cyclists. Hainault Forest (26th), Bushy Park (32nd), Hampstead Heath (39th), Wimbledon Common (49th), Hampton Court Park (63rd) and Belhus Woods (77th) complete its lot.

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