Best answer: How much is a 1943 British penny worth?

What old UK pennies are worth money?

Rare and valuable British coins

  • 1933 George V Penny. Undoubtedly the most famous British coin is the 1933 penny. …
  • 1917 King George V Gold Sovereign London. …
  • 1937 Edward VIII Brass Threepence. …
  • 1996 Football European Championship £2.

How much is a King George VI penny worth?


Year of issue Value in US $ for grade vf Value in US $ for grade xf
1937 0.50 1
1938 0.50 1
1939 0.50 2
1940 0.50 2

How much is a 1967 Queen Elizabeth penny worth?

1967 penny Prices: $1.00 – $503.49 | MAVIN.

Why is the 1933 penny so rare?

The reason so few were produced was that the Royal Mint had a surplus of penny coins in 1932, and did not need any more in the following year. Most of the 1933 pennies are in private hands, although one of the Pattern versions is in the Royal Mint’s museum.

How much is a 1918 English penny worth?

Large Head Penny

Year of issue Value in US $ for grade vf Value in US $ for grade unc
1918 1 25
1918 H 15 350
1918 KN 20 550
1919 1 25

How much is an English penny worth?

The British decimal one penny (1p) coin is a unit of currency equalling one-hundredth of a pound sterling. Its obverse has featured the profile of Queen Elizabeth II since the coin’s introduction on 15 February 1971, the day British currency was decimalised.

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How much is a 1945 penny worth today?

Valuing the 1945 Wheat Penny

Roughly, this coins value, in average condition, can be estimated to be valued at about $0.15, while a 1945 Wheat Penny in certified mint state (MS+) condition might auction for as much as $3*.

What is a 1952 half penny worth?

FIDEI DEF. ‘ Notes: Last King George VI Australian halfpenny.

What is a 1952 Australian halfpenny coin worth?

Monarch King George VI
Composition bronze
Minted Perth, Australia
Mintage approx. 1,831,000
Scarcity harder for period