Best answer: How long was Fabio Capello manager of England?

How long did Fabio Capello manage England for?

Fabio Capello

Personal information
2004–2006 Juventus
2006–2007 Real Madrid
2007–2012 England
2012–2015 Russia

Who was the longest serving England manager?

Sir Walter Winterbottom is by far the longest serving England manager with 17 years service. Sir Alf Ramsey is the second longest serving England manager, having served 11 years.

How many games did Fabio Capello manage England?


Pld Won
Fabio Capello 42 28
Steve McClaren 18 9
Sven-Goran Erikkson 67 40
Kevin Keegan 18 7

Who did Fabio Capello manage after England?

Ironically, he is particularly remembered for a goal with which Italy beat England 1-0 at Wembley for the first time in their history on 14 November 1973. As a manager, Capello has managed in four major European cities – Milan, Madrid, Rome, and Turin and won league titles with AC Milan, Real Madrid and Roma.

What happened to Terry Venables?

Following his departure from football management Mr Venables, 77, went on to run the luxury La Escondida hotel in Alicante, Spain. However, he is now back in Britain with his wife Yvette, where he has been taking a keen interest in the apparent unravelling of Mr Bashir’s until now glittering career.

Why is Southgate called Nord?

When he was younger, the now England manager was known by the nickname “Nord”. Guardian football correspondent, Louise Taylor, explains how it was coined when he was at Crystal Palace “because of the precise way that he spoke” and his “grey Hush Puppies” – which reminded everyone of TV presenter Denis Norden!

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Who were England’s last 10 managers?


  • The full list of England managers, full-time and caretaker. …
  • Gareth Southgate (2016-2021), 66 Matches.
  • Sam Allardyce (2016), 1 Match.
  • Roy Hodgson (2012-2016), 56 Matches.
  • Stuart Pearce (2012), 1 Match.
  • Fabio Capello (2008-2011), 42 Matches.
  • Steve McClaren (2006-2007), 18 Matches.