Best answer: How do you adjust the flame on a Englander pellet stove?

How do I adjust my Englander pellet stove?

To increase the low air burn number press the up arrow buttons below the heat range and blower speed. You must press both of the up arrow buttons at the same time to adjust the number. Press the down arrows at the same time to decrease the number.

How high should the flame be on my pellet stove?

As the temperature increases, the damper should be opened, about 1/8 inch at a time, to keep the flame yellow and steady. Whenever a heat adjustment is made, the damper should be opened or closed accordingly by about 1/8 inch.

Why is my pellet stove burning so many pellets?

The amount of pellet fuel necessary to heat your room to the desired temperature is dependent on several factors. If you are heating a large room, or the outside temperature is extreme, you will end up using a larger amount of pellets.

Why is my pellet stove not burning pellets all the way?

If you notice that your stove isn’t burning pellets as well as it should or producing as much heat as it was, air flow may be to blame. Check the stove’s door to make sure it is sealing securely and that no air is escaping through the door. A blocked air inlet cap also could be to blame.

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What is the best setting for a pellet stove?

Proper placement, correct installation, fuel quality and scheduled maintenance will result in pellet stove operating at peak performance and efficiency. It is best to run the appliance on the lower heat settings like 2 or 3 rather than up at 4 or 5.

Why does my Englander pellet stove keep going out?

There are a variety of reasons for your pellet stove failing to light. The most common reasons – bad air flow, a dirty unit, bad igniter, blown fuse, bad gasket around igniter – could be easily avoided with regular maintenance and professional inspections.

Why does the glass on my pellet stove get dirty so fast?

Your problem could be caused by a lack of air flow. Burning on too low of a setting can make your air-to-pellet ratio out of balance, which results in the build-up of creosote.

Why is gas flame yellow?


A wavering, yellow flame on a normal gas burner indicates that the burner is out of adjustment or the air inlet is restricted. As a result, the burner may be producing excessive amounts of CO. However, the flames in burners that use fuel oil should burn with a clear yellow or orange flame .

Why does my pellet stove have so much ash?

Too much ash indicates poor efficiency, and it may be due to the feed rate. The feed rate determines how often pellets are moved from the hopper into the main chamber to fuel the flame. Too much ash may indicate that the pellet stove’s feed rate is too high.

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