Best answer: Can I keep my maiden name after marriage UK?

Can I keep my maiden name professionally UK?

“We recommend that you maintain your maiden name in all areas associated with your professional life: HR/Payroll or for self- employed workers, your company (Companies House) and accountant as well as associated bank pensions and any associated life/health cover, and don’t forget HMRC!

Can I just start using my maiden name again UK?

Legally you can still be known by your prior name at any time. If you want to revert to your maiden name you should only need to show your marriage and birth certificates which link your current and former names. If your divorce is finalised it’s often easier to show your decree absolute and birth certificate.

Can I use both maiden and married name UK?

Traditionally in the UK, women take the husband’s surname, but they may also choose to keep their maiden name as a middle name, continue using their maiden name, change to a double barrelled version of both spouses’ surnames, or create a new surname to reflect their union.

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Can I legally still use my maiden name?

7. Continuing to use your maiden name for work or professional purposes. With the permission of your employer, it is perfectly acceptable and legal to continue using your maiden name for work or professional purposes.

How do I legally change my name after marriage UK?

To update your new name, you’ll need to apply for a new UK passport with supporting documents as evidence of your name change. The document could be a marriage certificate or a deed poll, depending on your new name. You’ll apply for a new passport from HM (Her Majesty’s) Passport Office.

Can a married woman still use her maiden name?

According to prevailing jurisprudence, “a married woman has the option, but not a duty, to use the surname of the husband.” Therefore, upon marriage, married women have the option to continuously use her maiden name or: … Her husband’s full name, but prefixing a word indicating that she is his wife, such as “Mrs.”

Can you revert back to your maiden name before divorce?

Separated women (who took their husband’s surname upon marriage) often believe they have to wait until their divorce is finalised before they can revert to their maiden name. This is incorrect. A separated woman has the right to change her surname at any time.

Can I revert to my maiden name without deed poll?

Name Change Upon Becoming Widowed

Upon being widowed, a woman can revert to her maiden name without the need for a Deed Poll. Her husbands death certificate with her marriage certificate showing her maiden name should be accepted as documentary evidence.

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How do I change back to my maiden name?

The easiest way to change your last name back to your former/maiden name is to do it during your divorce. You would ask the judge to restore your name either when you file for divorce or before you complete your divorce case. The Judgement of Dissolution of Marriage order will say that your maiden name is restored.

Can I keep my maiden name professionally?

A woman can continue to use her maiden name both professionally and personally or use her maiden name for work and her married name for social situations. She can use her husband’s last name and drop her maiden name entirely or use it as a middle name.

Can I keep both surnames after marriage?

Always remember that there are no rules in the Indian constitution that bar you from keeping your maiden name after marriage. You have all the rights to keep your maiden name after you get married or change it as you please but no one can force you for the same.

What happens if you don’t change your last name after marriage?

Your marriage license and certificate will show both your current and new name after marriage. So, if you decide not to change, there will be a reference to your pre-marriage name, a.k.a. old name, a.k.a. current name, a.k.a. legal name. Nine times out of ten, it’s your maiden name.