20160115_133010Hi! I’m Bekki,

I started my blog in January 2015 as a way to help me explore the direction I wanted to take my creativity in.  However after four years I haven’t discovered is a single direction I want take my creativity in. Turns out I enjoy a variety crafts plus exploring and learning new ones.

I have however a very strong love of knitting and have set up The Dartmoor Yarn Company that sells local yarn and kitting kits made from local yarn. We also sell handmade knitting accessories and a few handmade knitting accessories and gifts.

As for my blog you’ll find a lot of knitting and sewing, and bits and pieces of other crafts too. You’ll also find my Sunday Sevens posts that tell you a bit about the rest of my life and about my best friend Harry…


I hope you enjoy reading my blog and joining me on my creative journey.

Best wishes,