20160115_133010Hi! I’m Bekki,

I launched The Dartmoor Yarn Company in May 2016.

My goals:
  • Help others learn about and develop a love knitting and of British breed wool.
  • To share a passion for Dartmoor.
  • Celebrate wool that comes from the Dartmoor area. The wool content of all our yarn is 100% Dartmoor grown, coming from sheep that graze on Dartmoor National Park or the greater Dartmoor area. Currently all our wool comes from sheep that graze at Walkhampton.
  • To help create a better environment by never including manmade fibres in our yarn.
  • Support British businesses – our wool, patterns, packaging and accessories are sourced from British suppliers. We believe in shopping local and try to source all our products as locally to Dartmoor as practicable. (If you are local to Dartmoor and create a product you believe we might be interested in, please get in touch.)

And here’s how I got this far…

I vividly remember being taught to knit. Sitting at a window that looked out on our tiny front garden and the road beyond. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I do remember my mum, being left handed, patiently working out how to teach me to knit right handed.

As soon as I learned to knit, I became a designer; designing and knitting clothes for my dolls and teddy bears. My first design, of course, being a garter stitch scarf for my favourite teddy – a hand-me-down bear called Charlie. Unfortunately the original scarf was lost long ago, but here’s Charlie staging a reconstruction.The Dartmoor Yarn Company Charlie Ted - CopyKnitting became a constant in my life. I remember knitting on the bus on the way to school and under the desk in class. I knitted on through university, work and into motherhood. I knitted miles and miles without ever realising how much I loved knitting and making up patterns, because it was just a hobby that fitted in around the more serious stuff.

In 2013 life started throwing some big stuff that made me question how I was spending my days. I began to recognise I needed to make some changes, but I had no idea what.

In early 2015, still unsure, I started blogging as a way to continue my love of being a writer while exploring the practical side of my creativity. Whilst I explored many forms of creativity, posts on knitting quickly began to dominate and finally I saw what had been looking me straight in the eye since childhood.


Just as it’s easy to take those we love most for granted, I’d overlooked not just my passion for knitting, but that this was something I’d love to take more seriously. But how?

Like many a creative idea, I’m not sure how the answer emerged, but the roots were clear; My love of knitting, for yarn, for sharing, and for Dartmoor came together to create The Dartmoor Yarn Company.

I hope you enjoy what we create on this adventure.

Bekki Hill