Heartfelt Revisited

Nearly two years ago – Yes! Nearly two whole years ago – I finished my Heartfelt Cardigan. I’d designed it to replace my incredibly old and dilapidated cream Aran cardigan that I wore practically all the time around the house.


I knitted my new cardigan in grey to make it wearable with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, given I wear a lot of blue…


…but somehow, although I love it, although I wear it, it doesn’t get the wear the cream one got. In fact I still wear the cream one occasionally, even thought it’s so manky.

When I finished my tuck stitch sweater a couple of weeks ago I started looking for a new  knitting project.


I looked at loads of patterns and finally decided I’d knit Heartfelt in cream and when it’s finished I really will through my old cream cardigan in the bin. Decision made that only left the problem that I never finished writing up the pattern – have you forgiven me for that yet Lynn? So I took out my tape measure and notepad and started measuring and counting.

I’ve started the back, and this time I’m going to write the pattern up properly as I go along!


Until next time,

Bekki x


10 thoughts on “Heartfelt Revisited

  1. Oh, now you’re going to write a pattern! Have you seen what I’ve let myself in for in the meantime? 🙄
    Of course, I forgive you, you have been poorly after all and writing a knitting pattern – and a cabled one at that – must be difficult and time consuming.
    I also have a cream Aran cardigan I sling on without thinking on cold mornings to wear about the place. I didn’t knit it but somebody did so I couldn’t leave it to its fate in the market where I found it and it’s so very comfy.

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    1. Thank you for your forgiveness. I haven’t seen what you’ve now let yourself in for, but let’s face i, by the time I’ve written Heartfelt up you’ll have finished that project and be ready for my pattern 🙂
      Well done for the cream Aran Cardi rescue. I do wonder if the problem with the grey one is that it’s new and needs more wearing out.


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