Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

To paraphrase one of my dear blogging friends…

I’m wondering should I mention my absence and apologise for it?  Or do I just crack on and bombard you with photos of some of my knitting since I blogged last? Yea, I think I’ll just do that.

There’s not a lot, since knitting has been on the back burner too. I only picked my needles back up at the beginning of December to continue my tradition of giving my daughters a homemade Christmas ornament. For some reason I thought they’d like Christmas elves…

I made two of these

… then I went and bought a card for lovely littlest that mentioned Christmas elves and Christmas fairies, so I made a fairy too…


I’d bought two egg cups to put in Lovely Littlest and her boyfriend’s Christmas stockings, so I knitted them two egg cosies…


Lovely Eldest didn’t like the innovative pompom I put on the hat I knitted her last year, so I swiped that one and knitted her a new one with a traditional pompom…


I also knitted two baby berry hats for two babies that arrived in January…


I’ve also knitted half of this, which I’d started just before Easter last year…


For now that’s it. I’ve missed my blogging buddies, but I can’t possibly catch up with all your posts I’ve missed. But if anyone has had any big happenings in their life or you want to share a particular post with me, please put a link in the comments below.

Bekki x





33 thoughts on “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

  1. You have indeed been missed! I went so far as to stalk you on facebook at some stage prior to Christmas (this is a big thing since I don’t use that platform any more) clearly I came away satisfied that you were still alive, but I can’t remember what convinced me all was well in your world ………… 🙂 So glad to see you back. I made gnomes for Christmas and have plans to make more……… My own posting is terribly intermittent. xo

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    1. Ha ha! That’s exactly what I do when I want to check people aren’t dead. You were lucky to find anything on there, but glad you did. Thank you for missing me.
      Better hop off to your blog to see if I can spot these gnomes xx

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  2. Big hugs from me and little Miekie. We have been quiet here on Blogland too. Just keeping around a bit on IG at the moment.
    So good to see you around again, and read what you have been up to. Lovely projects, specially the cool Christmas goodies.
    Have a wonderful year. xx

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  3. Having asked early on where you had disappeared to – so knew you were still with us – I just assumed you had disappeared over to the dark side (aka IG) which is what normally happens once people start doing Sunday Sevens and only Sunday Sevens – am I right??
    Anyway, it looks as if your knitting is still going strong and I am soon going to impress you with a heavily cabled cardigan I’ve just cast on for – or that’s what i’m hoping anyway!
    Looking forward to seeing more of you again – and not just on Sundays 😉

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    1. I beg to differ Missus! I only ever did two Sunday Sevens in a row with nothing else in between.
      Blimey do I still have to write that pattern? Not even sure where the notes are, but I was thinking I really need a cream one, so may start measuring it and working it out.
      Look forward to getting back to grips with what you’re up to too! xx


      1. Sorry, yes better – it’s been a bit of a saga: started with a very minor whiplash and carpel tunnel stopping me blog (apparently bad necks can cause carpel tunnel) but then I gained some mystery illness that that made me really ill – ended up in AAU twice. I basically slowly recovered on my own and no one’s put there finger on any solid diagnosis, so I say better with a degree of caution. I still have an allergy test in Feb, so maybe that will shed some light.

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      2. Golly! That’s quite a saga! I am glad you feel better, but it must be a little bit frightening to be that sick and not know what is wrong. I am glad your neck and carpal tunnel are better, so you can knit and blog again.

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    1. Thank you. And thank you again for your previous concern too. I did get better and then I got ill again – you wouldn’t believe the catalogue of stuff – which is why I’m not going to even begin to explain on the blog – but fingers cross it’s all behind me now xx

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