Sunday Sevens – 28th January

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins – sharing seven (or so) pictures of  the week beyond the blog.

It’s been yet another wet damp week on Dartmoor, but despite the urge to hide inside on Sunday last week, we went for a walk through Beliver Forest…


The ground was incredibly wet…


Evens the main paths…


Back at home I dug out these…

Lovely eldest had insisted she needed A LOT of bananas to eat when she visited at Christmas – I don’t think she ate one.

… and made some banana bread…


On Sunday evening Lovely Littlest arrived with her boyfriend. (I’ve been banned from putting pictures of her on my blog, so no pictures of them. ) They’d been in New Zealand over Christmas, so it was time to get out the Christmas decorations and celebrate Christmas all over again…

Okay, maybe not all the decorations

They had also got engaged while they were in New Zealand, so I was compelled to put  my dry January on pause for small glass of champagne…20180123_122820

They love visiting the auction when they come to visit us – and this time Lovely Littlest’s boyfriend got a real bargain, paying a tenner for these lenses – one of which he had been looking at buying just before they came to see us…

There was also a remote control, a watch and a box of pencils in the box of lenses!

The most hideous thing I could find at the auction, was this…


I didn’t bid on it.

Although we were celebrating our second Christmas of the season, we still hadn’t got rid of our first Christmas tree, but we finally remembered to take it to a friend’s goats for a treat…


Lovely Littlest left on Thursday, which left me free to go to cake craft afternoon on Friday. I  stuck to my healthy January and resisted the cake, but when I was leafing through a friends old patterns, I couldn’t help noticing how unhealthy men who wear hand knitted jumpers used to be. Did they really all smoke pipes?


The week ended as it finished with more rain and damp – so I hid indoors on Saturday and got on with some sewing…


But despite the grim weather, signs of spring have started peeking through…


Hope you’ve had a great week!

35 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 28th January

  1. You had a nice and busy week 🙂
    The auction win is indeed a bargain – what a find!
    The cake you baked with the banana looks delicious – I should make some myself with some old bananas I froze. The issue with cakes is I can’t have gluten and very little sugar…
    Those vintage patterns remind me of my extensive vintage pattern collections, there are some curious images indeed

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    1. Shame about the gluten, I know gluten free flour really isn’t the same. As for my banana bread, husband, as he says ‘helped me out’ and I only had a couple of slices.
      It was great fun looking through the patterns – especially seeing all the eighties fashions and hair styles 🙂

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  2. Great idea for the bananas. Not sure what I think of the fox in the dressing gown. Think I like it more than hate it! But then, would I want it in my home…
    Congrats to your daughter getting engaged. Love the snowdrops. Its so nice to see them appearing everywhere. X

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  3. I noticed we had snowdrops flowering on Christmas day but haven’t checked on them since. Must go and see if the doubles are out yet. Daffodils are flowering in Alcombe 🙌
    I’d love to go and make a fuss of those lovely goats ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is early for snow drops, ours are all coming out now, but they certainly have only just started. No daffodils yet, guess you’re in a wee bit warmer spot than us. The goats are totally adorable, so friendly and just love being petted.

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  4. what a busy week – and it sounds fun! An engagement! worth breaking a dry month. 🙂 When is the wedding to be?

    I am so jealous that you are so close to spring. We have a few more months of winter before we can expect to see flower buds…

    And was that your quilt I spotted at the sewing machine? Good for you!

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  5. That’s a long way to come to get engaged 😀 Is he a kiwi? No signs of summer ending here yet. Sooooooo hot!! I think the pipe thing was supposed to make you feel all warm and soothed and safe with that particular male. The advertising was aimed at pipe smokers being Mature and Settled and Good fellows, cigarette smokers were all men who rode horses and sailed yachts and were a bit dangerous to know……. we fell for it for years! 😀

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  6. Poor foxy, he would have been a bargain too. Good buy for SIL to be. The pipe smoking denoted manly man in the countryside! Mr E still smokes a pipe, but only outside now. It’s hard for people to understand but people used to smoke believing it was good for health, warding off illness, pipe smoke keeps mossies at bay in Greece.
    I wonder what old knitting patterns showed women doing, apart from them having very pointy breasts!
    Everywhere is muddy here too! It must have been wonderful to have your daughter home, and many congratulations to you all.

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  7. A lovely week and a second Christmas. 🙂 Congrats to the “Little Ones” on the engagement.
    Interesting things and goods at the auction, I am glad they got such a good buy.
    How cute is that goat. I bet that he loved the treat.
    Indeed, looks like Spring is starting to show, enjoy and I hope it is a bit less wet and damp on the next walk, although either way it is always lovely too see.
    Have a great week. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t say little ones, I get the most dreadful looks from the BF when i refer to the pair of them as ‘the kids’ – mind that only makes me do it more 🙂 The auction is like something out of a time warp, always something entertaining there. The goats are totally adorable. Thanks. Wishing you a fab week too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 🙂 Okay, I wont say little ones.
        I refer to my daughter and son in law as “my kids” or “the kids” sometimes people would then think I have two kids. 🙂 which I actually do. My son in law would call and when I answer he would say Hello, Its your other kid here. 🙂 he finds it funny.
        Thanks, have a great week, it is lovely and overcast here this morning.

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  8. Yep, my Sevens features many similarly soggy photos! Those lenses appear to be a massive bargain – I paid over £500 just for one back in my Photographer days! I would have bought Mr Fox – he’d look perfect in the porch (if we had one). Ooh, a wedding to look forward to, how exciting!

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    1. Thank you. Yes, the damp is getting beyond a joke – although I try not to complain too much considering how many people in other places are crying our for rain. the boyfriend is a cameraman, so lenses very much up his street.

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  9. Beads and Barnacles

    Congratulations to the two of them. How long are they giving themselves to plan the wedding?
    So we don’t have any snowdrops here to check the progress of spring against but the dafs have come up and are waiting to open…

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