How Do You Store Your Circular Needles?

I do most of my knitting on circular needles, but they have a terrible habit of tying themselves around each other and I’ve never found a satisfactory way of storing a large number of them. I’m currently keeping mine pegged together…


… in this box with other knitting bits and bobs…


But it’s not the most practical system for finding the needle you want.

The best system I’ve seen is to putting them in zippered plastic bags in a box or similar, but I’m wondering if any of you clever lot have any different innovative solutions. Something more environmentally friendly and more attractive?


41 thoughts on “How Do You Store Your Circular Needles?

  1. Edythe Kerness

    There is a wonderful item that I ordered from Amazon (can you do it from England?). It is a fabric piece that you attach to a clothes hanger and each needle has a slot. I hang it on the back of a door and it does a good job in keeping the needles neat and available. If you have any difficulty finding the item (obviously I can’t remember the exact name), let me know and I’ll delve into it further. I live in Marylan d, USA, and enjoy reading your notes.

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      1. They are really made well and are beautiful to boot. All also have various project bags and the double-pointed needle holder too, and I’ve been completely happy with all.


  2. I have the same type of thing that Edythe has, and I like it because it is numbered, so I organize the needles by size, and they aren’t stored coiled, so someday the cables will relax. I too can get more info on it if you need it, but I bet you could make something similar with fabric and a hanger.

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      1. Would be lovely to see a pic if you do have a minute. I have however found one on Pinterest now, that feels similar to what you are describing made from old cotton reels, which looks even easier. I just need more old cotton reels.

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  3. I have small notebooks from an office store, like 5×7 sized and they have 3 ring binders and I found small velcro pouches and slots in the store that fit the notebooks. Then I just organize them by size in the pockets. It was the best I could come up with.

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  4. circular needles are not the easiest to organize ! I have a knitpro kit that came with a transparent plastic pouch where you can store them pretty easily, so that’s what I do, But I always have needles or cables lost at the bottom of some project bag… the numbers are erased so I have to check the sizes each time !

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  5. Goodness, everyone is so organised! πŸ™‚ I keep all my needles in a wicker picnic hamper that is over 50 years old. The circulars are in a drawstring bag inside the hamper – I don’t have that many about 15 I think. It still means scrabbling around to find the one you want but at least they are tucked away safely and I know where all my needles are!

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  6. I only have interchangeables (actually, that’s a lie. I keep some smaller sizes loose in my crafting crate, and my 2mm are constantly in use as socks are always on the go). Ok, I mostly have interchangeables which live in their container they came in, so I’m no use I’m afraid!

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  7. I purchased an organizer from a shop on Etsy for my circulars (and also two different sets of DPNs); however with your crafty skills, I bet you could make one! Check out Etsy and perform a search for circular needle storage and you’ll be inspired!

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  8. These days I try to keep them in the pouches they came in, in a tin with the rest that no longer have pouches. Like the contented crafter I know where they all are. They have been stored in the tin for so many years now and it works fine for me. I keep row counters, needle size thingies and other of knitting bits in the same tin.

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  9. I love my circular needles, but I don’t have a pretty or fancy storage system for them. I have a wooden box with sections / compartments and I just keep them in the packets they came in. That way I can see the size and length easily and I “file” them in the box in size order. πŸ™‚

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      1. Lol. Maybe it is a good reason to sew some with maybe a fabric backing and a pretty sturdy clear front. No need to close at the top, but just a sleeve to pop them into. πŸ™‚ You sew so much better than me anyway.
        Enjoy the new week and take care. xx

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      1. Lol… Perhaps you could collect little plastic bags as they come available. You could then wrote on the bag the size and length. Also if you strategically wind rubber bands around the tips they won’t try escaping through a hole πŸ˜†

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  10. Beads and Barnacles

    Lol, so I mostly use my interchangables in the original packaging they came in and my cheap as chips wooden ones live in a drawstring bag from a wool shop, folded in half with an elastic band around the cables.
    If you were looking to replace their original packaging then I would suggest some clear vinyl and some nice backing fabric could make some good pouches.
    Although I am intrigued by your thread spools on the back of the door idea.

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    1. I think I need to go with the spools, because it will be so quick, but I need to gather enough together, must email around my local friends and ask them to hang on to theirs when they finish them as it’ll need quite a few.


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