Sunday Sevens 14th May

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens, which was started by Nathalie at Threads and Bobbins.

Last week was Ten Tors weekend here on Dartmoor. Ten Tors is an annual challenge in which teams of teenagers from all over the South West hike up to 55 miles over the rough terrain of Dartmoor, visiting ten nominated tors in under two days. Our normally ultra quiet roads become full and last Sunday we had the unfamiliar experience of getting got caught in a traffic jam…


Monday we finally had a Sunny day that was also warm…


I made the most of the afternoon by having my lunch in the garden for the first time this year and working on one of my projects for the DYC …




The sun also encouraged our rhododendron tree into bloom… 20170510_131213(0)

Although the temperature fell again on Tuesday our dry spell continued and it wasn’t until Thursday I noticed our poor old hydrangeas…


On a happier note, Lovely Littlest had extracted a sheep key ring kit from me on her visit at Easter. This week, she sent me this picture…


When I asked what her next project was going to be, she sent me this…


It’s the start of the sweater she I bought her the pattern for at Unravel. It’s also her first sweater!

On Friday we celebrated Hicks 13th birthday. Here he is opening one of his presents…


…and here celebrating his birthday with wet and muddy dip…


Friday was the day our much needed rain arrived. I suspect the return of the damp upset Hicks’ arthritis, because apart from his walk, he spent the rest of the day sleeping and our intended birthday celebration in the pub was abandoned. However Saturday was dry and sunny, Hicks sprung to life and we went for a belated birthday trip to Mawgan Porth beach with fish and chips for lunch…

HicksFish and Chips

So all in all, apart from my poor hydrangeas and worrying about Hicks on Friday, it’s a been an excellent week. Hope you’ve had a good one.





18 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 14th May

    1. They certainly do. Traffic jams are a shock for us most of the year – apart from when all the tourists go to Cornwall in the summer and then we stay off the A30, which is the bypass built for them to bypass us. Ha ha! won’t mention my surfer dude is actually rather scared of waves 🙂

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  1. The great thing about our weather is it makes us appreciate it when it is sunny! Sitting in the garden is blissful this time of year! Mr Hicks looks very full of life – glad he had his birthday celebrations!

    Have you considered a subscription service for your yarn company? Lots of people are doing it now – they pay a regular monthly subscription and receive a pattern and wool in the post. I think it would work with your lovely projects! Hope it is all going well. The sheep key ring is delightful!

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    1. Hello. Thank you. I have thought a little in the subscription direction, however turning out patterns monthly would be too much of a challenge at the moment and I’m struggling to get all the wool I want at the moment, so certainly couldn’t commit to that aspect! 😦

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  2. A lovely week, and even some traffic. Something I am soooo used to. 🙂
    So glad it is warmer there, and you are able to enjoy it outside in the garden. Looks pretty. Pity about the hydrangeas, but I am sure they will spring back soon when its warmer again.
    Enjoy the new week and take care.
    Hugs and kisses to Mr. H. xxxx

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  3. Your rhododendrons look beautiful.Love the colour. Really sorry about your Hydrangea though. Happy Birthday to Handsome Mr Hicks. I am glad he perked up for his trip to the beach. Xx

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  4. I love that your youngest seems to well and truly have been bitten by the knitting bug. It’s lovely when you inspire them to create as well, isn’t it? Great to see Hicks still enjoying life at 13, which is seriously old for a Labrador. I follow his lead now I’m older, too, and hibernate in the cold, damp weather! No.1 Son did the 55 mile route of the Ten Tors on its 50th anniversary about 7 years ago. He’s properly fit and still says it was the hardest thing he’s ever done….

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I’m dead chuffed she has, especially as she’s got a busy demanding job and a busy demanding social life as well. She has always loved making things, but then eldest has too and she hasn’t knitted since she was about 8. Well done to No.1 son. Will No2 and 3 be in a position to do it when they’re older? I know you said they were going to boarding school, so maybe not near enough? The moor is very hard to cross once you get off the popular bits and into the proper wild stuff. It’s all those tussocks, if you ask me. Really hard work to walk over. I guess altitude is pretty deceptive too, so you climb up more than you think. We were exhausted last year just doing the 14 miles beating the bounds. Mind, we are a wee bit older.

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      1. The Boys are going to the same school as their older siblings, so they’ll get the opportunity to do the Ten Tors if they want to. Not sure I want them to after seeing how hard it was – those blisters, even in well worn-in boots!

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      2. But think of the sense of achievement. And your two younger boys don’t strike me as likely to refuse a challenge, so I look forward to reading about them both doing it in a future Sunday Sevens 🙂

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    1. They both used to sneer at the knitting and call me granny, but then they noticed it was becoming fashionable and suddenly it’s cool! Still, I’m very happy to be sharing a new bond with littlest 🙂 Don’t think eldest will ever get there though 😦


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