Web Sales and Stitch Fest South West

I feel I owe all of you who I’ve told ‘web sales will be coming soon’ a bit of an apology. Web sales are coming soon, but the gods of technology are still not being kind to me.

I was hoping to go live at the beginning of this week, but my laptop gave up the ghost on Sunday. I ordered a new one, but by the time it arrived, I had to switch my priorities to getting sorted for Stitch West South West at this coming  weekend – unfortunately that preparation has been hampered in turn by my colour printer refusing to work and my new laptop only intermittently talking to my  black and white printer.

So, all in all, still working like a crazy lady to get ready for Stich Fest South West, which is going to be fab. So I’ve just run in to say, if you’re anywhere slightly near Totnes over the weekend, do pay it a visit. Here’s the link to the website.

Stitch Fest South West

On the web sales front, all I have left to do is work out how to sign up to PayPal and get it to talk to my site and proof read it through – so that really should be up and running early next week.

Apologies too for my quietness visiting your blogs and in replying to comments. I’ll be back next week, I promise. Hope you’re having a great and less challenging week than I am.

Bekki Hill



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