Sunday Sevens – 31st July

Time for another Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins,  devised for bloggers to share seven photos of their personal week.

  1. Last Sunday we walked on the moor and sacrificed Lovely Husband in a stone circle…


2. Saw this lovely tree – I love the way fallen trees don’t give up, but keep growing.

20160710_130056(0) 3. On Mondays walk, we noticed bales of hay appearing in the fields…


4. On Wednesday the outlaws in laws arrived and Mother in law was quickly put to work.


5. On Thursday we walked in Abbeyford Woods. It was closed for six months for major work. Unfortunately they haven’t cleared all the paths and me and Hicks frequently find ourselves making our own 😦


6. Yesterday I went on a natural dyeing course – I have a second day tomorrow and I’ll write up a full blog post on it shortly.


7. And because I never tire of taking them, here’s two new pictures of Hicks in a puddle…



Hope you’ve had a great week,

Bekki Hill

19 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 31st July

  1. The last photo looked like a murky puddle, I bet his love of them makes up for the messiness of him afterwards. If your hubby laid like that round here someone would phone 999 and think he’d collapsed! Hope the God’s we’re thankful of you offering him up 😂

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  2. Apparently Mr. Hicks never tires of the puddles either, sweet pup. Hope your dear mister has survived his sacrificing. My own mister has visions of walking in a moor, perhaps he’ll change his mind when he sees how wives behave in such circumstances! 😀 Looking forward to your natural dyeing post.

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  3. I was eager to see your Dartmoor pics as in two weeks will be down south. 🙂 We are meeting some friends who live in Somerset oneday at Bovey Tracy.Is that anywhere near you? Mr Hicks suits puddles.x

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      1. Bovey Tracy ~ a very unusual name. I’m getting excited! Our trip is a bit of a road trip. We are stopping one night in Bath then 4 nights at Spring Park.Then back up north and a couple of nights in Cheshire. 🙂

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