Am I being unrealistic?

I was happily knitting away last night when this happened…


Fortunately I’d just cast off another sock and had a second identical pair sitting beside me – so not a single stitch dropped. What is bugging me though is how long these needles have lasted. They can’t be more than a couple of years old – although they do get a lot of millage.

They’re Knitpro symfonies and I really love knitting on them, but Knitpro aren’t cheap and I expected them to last longer. Am I being unrealistic about the longevity of wooden needles – especially very thin ones? At times I knit on vintage needles that were made before I was born. I’m sure that sort of life is unrealistic for a wooden 2.5mm needle. But what is realistic?

So, I thought I’d ask: Do you snap needles when you’re knitting? Or am I just heavy handed?  What needles do you prefer in thinner diameters? For socks and for other garments?

Bekki Hill

32 thoughts on “Am I being unrealistic?

    1. Interesting. I’ve been knitting with several pairs of these for a while now, as I often have more than one sock on the go. So I’m usually gentle enough on them – maybe a heavy handed moment? I wouldn’t say faulty as I reckon it’s a couple of years old and would have snapped sooner if it was 🙂


  1. I have snapped many a bamboo needle. 😦 Specially when knitting socks. Even just plain ones with no pattern.
    I find when I use the wooden ones, I make a special effort to be “careful” with them. Maybe since they are expensive.
    I use metal ones as well, and the thin ones are great. They seem to withstand my knitting the best.
    I have never snapped straight needles, just the small ones. Could be the way we hold them and knit maybe.

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    1. I think you’re right, it’s the way we knit. I’ve been looking since at the way I hold the needle and where the pressure goes. Maybe I’ve been lucky not to break one before. Think I’m going to try a knit pro zing. Hopefully stronger but bendy enough to be kind to my hands.

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  2. I’ve snapped wooden needles. It’s can be so frustrating. I may be heavy handed with my needles. I have to agree with you in they should last especially if one pays a good price for them. I like the feel of wood in my hands but metal last longer and I sometimes find the sound of them when my stitches are moving along quite relaxing.

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  3. I have snapped many smaller needles, both wooden and plastic. As a result, I don’t buy them anymore. I am slowly replacing all my needles with Addi turbos and Addi lace, because the nickel plating is so nice and smooth, the cables are flexible and they seem to be very durable.

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      1. I do love them, but I have read reviews by people who did NOT like the tiny ones (8 inches) for sock knitting. I love them in any size. My knitting flies and I never worry about the cables breaking.

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      2. I’m holding back on the Addis, because I think the size of my hands/knitting technique just don’t suit those teeny weeny sock needles. But no doubt I’ll give in at some point.


  4. I try to avoid thin needles whenever I can – no matter what they are made of 😉
    However I was using a cheap circular Pony 19mm when I was knitting one of my large blankets and the needle part came away from the tubing bit right in the middle of a row with about 2kg of knitted blanket hanging off it. I didn’t say nice things. I sent of for an Addi which has now served me well through several blankets but I did buy a sparesie just in case.
    When I was testing the waters with crochet, I did buy a skinny bamboo hook which was beautifully turned but it broke very quickly indeed and had cost me a lot of money.

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  5. It’s funny, because the laminated wood needles (made of strips of wood, glued together) are supposed to be stronger and more lightweight, yet the vintage wooden needles last longer. Perhaps they have become partially petrified.

    I have yet to snap a needle , but I’ve snapped plenty of cords.

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  6. I guess I am a lucky one, in that I’ve never snapped a needle. However, with that being said, I’ve only been knitting since February of 2015. I prefer knitting my socks with ChiaGoo Premium Stainless Steel needles. I really like the feel of the needle and the cord is very bendable. Have you checked to see if there is a warranty on the needles since they were so expensive? I have a friend in my knitting group that was able to get hers replaced after it broke.

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      1. Thank you. I bought it on the internet – very deprived here in rural Devon of shops that sell Knitpro. So I have the order on email. Hopefully that will be good enough for them. I’ll let you know. There is a caveat in the policy of ‘remember 2 – 4mm needles are fragile’, just watch me fall into that group. But thanks again. Worth a shot.

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  7. For me it’s needle tips that come off the cables on fixed circulars – it’s happened to me three times in the last year on two different brands of needle. In the preceding 20+ years not a single snap. Either I am suddenly becoming a violent knitter or needles are not as good quality as they used to be.

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  8. Christina

    I’ve had this problem with the KnitPro Symphonie, I have just got a Karbonz 3mm I figure even I can’t break carbon fibre can I? And they are wonderful to knit with.


  9. I very recently executed 3/5 Knitter’s Pride 2.25 mm DPNs just from having them in my bag… I wonder how common it actually is as the company were very happy to replace them. Although I like metal needles, I think for DPNs I prefer wood ones just so I don’t risk dropping so many stitches. The KnitPro Symphonies do feel a bit more sturdy than the Knitter’s Pride ones but I’m currently trying out some Karbonz which seem to be working out well.


    1. Good question. I have several pairs of symfonies and have been very pleased with the quality, but there’s always ones that sneak through, and if the company are happy to replace something them that’s fine. Not got to writing to knitpro yet, but will report on the blog how I get on when I do. I’ve got a pair of 2.5mm karbonz on order from my LYS to see how they go with sock knitting, but like you, I do prefer wood. Thanks for reading and for commenting 🙂


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