Moss Bordered Diamonds Baby Blanket

I love moss stitch and double moss stitch, because they form such pretty, delicate patterns with the added bonus of them being reversible. So back in February when I decided to knit a baby blanket for one of my mum-in-waiting friends, I immediately turned to my stitch directories and looked for a suitable moss stitch pattern. I immediately found one in the first directory I looked in.

Moss bordered diamonds is a pretty design, which, unlike lace patterns, doesn’t create holes for tiny fingers to get caught in. Perfect for a first blanket. All I needed to do was knit a swatch, calculate the number of rows needed to make it baby blanket size and add a boarder.

Being a gift, I wanted to keep it secret until after baby arrived. But now he’s here, I can show you….

Moss Bordered Diamonds Baby Blanket

And a close-up of both sides…

Moss Bordered DiamondsMoss Bordered Diamonds reverse

So although this isn’t really a baby blanket pattern, just a stitch pattern with a boarder, I’ve shared it on Ravelry here in case anyone else fancies making one. Although I know some of you hate moss stitch, so it might not be your ideal piece of knitting.

Bekki Hill


43 thoughts on “Moss Bordered Diamonds Baby Blanket

  1. Absolutely beautiful and looks very soft and drapey. Do you know how many hours it took? I’m also making one for a friend and, although she said “whatever it costs”, I’m only charging her a token cost of £100 (plus the yarn), even though I know it’s going to take 60-100 hours. I’ve only got until October and the yarn hasn’t arrived from America yet so it might be a close call:)

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    1. Thank you. I would say it took around the 75 hour mark. Which is a bit of a guess and, of course pattern and my speed of knitting will be different to yours. I started in mid Feb and finished mid May, but it was my decoy knitting while knitting hubby’s jumper, so working on it was very random and didn’t happen at all some weeks – so that makes October feel quite doable to me. It’s hard with the hand knitting, you can’t possibly charge properly for the hours it takes for most things – especially something that size.

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      1. I’m definitely doing this as a favour and for the challenge – I’ve never knitted anything quite as intricate before. It’s going to be my evening project but I’m still not sure there’s enough time….

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      2. Hopefully once you’ve got started, you’ll feel different. At least then you’ll be able to see how quickly it’s growing compared with how much time you. Sounds like a great challenge – and I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly. You’re made of sterner stuff than to let a bit of knitting defeat you 🙂 Can I ask what the pattern is?


  2. Beads and Barnacles

    What a lovely blanket. I don’t mind things with lots of switching of sides, ribbing, moss stitch etc but it can get a little confusing when doing double knitting! They do produce such a lovely effect though, so its always worth the effort.

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  3. This looks more up my street than the socks. I keep reading the pattern and I’m sure it’s in a different language, I’ve never done anything adventurous as the socks before. I’m thinking this moss stitch blanket would be nice for a grown up (me!) with bigger needles and chunky wool. What do you think?? 😀

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    1. I’m sure you can knit socks, but maybe just a stocking stitch pattern to start with. I really should do that KAL. Have you knitted in the round before? If you haven’t maybe that’s what’s throwing you.

      I think it would make a great gown up blanket. Although it would take a quite a while and you might what to chuck in a couple of extra repeats, depending on how big you want it/how big your needles and chunky wool are. I can do some calculations for you if I know the gauge your intended yarn and size you want to make it. I do love chunky moss stitch, so I’m excited by that idea 🙂

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      1. I was thinking maybe just changing the wool and needles and keeping my fingers crossed – that’s what I’d normally do!
        I’ve knitted in the round, but only cowls, I think it was the pattern that look quite scary! 😳

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      2. It just didn’t make sense, but I’ve only ever done normal knitting and cabling. And I’ve only read it do it might be different if I actually had a go. On a different note I’ve got some ‘old’ (vintage!!) itchy 100 % British wool that I acquired from on elderly lady and wondered if you would like it?? I’ve no idea what to do with it. 🐏


      3. Maybe I should look at this pattern again to make sure it does make sense!

        You’re selling this old lady yarn so well 😉 Thanks for the offer. How itchy is it? Any idea of breed? And what colour is it? I feel I’m being picky here. It would be lovely to use it, but don’t want to just transfer between stashes. thanks for thinking of me though.

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      4. I’m not selling it, I’m giving it away, and I know you’ll know about wool more than anyone else I know! It’s not coloured, probably in its original cream state. I image it would look good felted as a bag (sacrilege!!!???). You’re more welcome to it if you have room in your stash. I’ll send an email of the wool & label when I’m home later.


      5. No, I didn’t think for a minute you were trying to sell me anything. I meant ‘selling’ as in making it sound attractive. My naughty sense of humour skipped straight over the vintage and read only ‘old itchy wool’. But of course I do love old itchy wool. I just didn’t want to say yes straight off and put you to the trouble of sending it if it was just going to sit in my stash and do nothing. Cream sounds great, because I can always dye it if I don’t want it to be cream. So yes, do email a pic please, but I do think I’d like it 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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