Sunday Sevens March 3rd 2016

Time again for Sunday Sevens,  devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week.

Despite posting one of the more complicated posts I’ve written on Thursday, my head hasn’t been vey good at complicated this week. (The post was drafted last week.) Having thought I’d avoided all the major bugs this year, I’ve come down with some horrid flu-like symptoms, which stared with my brain going to mush somewhere around Tuesday/Wednesday. So I’m not totally sure exactly when I took all these photos last week.

  1. There was another storm Sunday night – a lot of damage in the south of the country, but somehow we all but missed it in out village. Still there were more trees down in the woods on Monday.


2. Although there was no snow on the ground the day I took this photo, I found snow in the gutters at midday when I went out to walk Hicks.


3. Hicks is still fighting fit. Racing up this hill so fast I can’t keep up with him.


4. Very pleased when I spotted the front cover of the Radio Times in Waitrose.


5. Putting out the recycling, I noticed we may have eaten too many crème eggs lately.


6. I struggled on against the virus until Thursday, when I finally gave in, put on my Harry Potter lounge pants…


7. Settled down on the settee and ate chicken soup (with the night before’s  leftover broccoli) and marmite on toast.

And that’s still where I am 😦

Hope you’re fighting fit.

Bekki Hill

39 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens March 3rd 2016

  1. Oh dear, you have my sympathy. Funny, isn’t it, the only time I eat marmite on toast is when I’m ill, too. The storms stopped us going camping at Easter unfortunately, and our road was closed for two days for fallen trees. good to hear Mr Hicks is fit as a fiddle:)

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  2. Feel better soon.I too not feeling fighting fit and the oh has had a touch of flu.Poldark on the cover ~ does that mean its coming back soon?Need something good to replace The Night Manager.;) I too am a fan of marmite.If you also like peanut butter they do bizarrely go well tgether.:)

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    1. Thank you. Hope you’re feeling better too soon. Well, I assumed that’s what it meant, but just checked and it’s not on tonight, which I’d assumed it was. Glad I took a pic, or I’d be doubting I saw it with my recent flu filled mind. Never tried peanut butter and marmite – will give it a go.

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  3. Hope you are getting better after that lovely soup and comfy couch in such a cute pair of pants. 🙂 Take is easy, I am sure the bug will be out of your system sooner than later.
    Happy to Mr. H so bouncing and about. Pity about the storm, and hopefully its the last for now, or nearly at least.
    Take it easy and take care, have a good week. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Improving slowly. Have had lovely husband doing everything over the weekend, but home alone today and Mr Hicks is already giving me the sad eye that says, I really can’t wait for Dad to come home to have a walk.
      You take good care too x

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  4. No fun, Bekki, I’m sorry! Is Mr. Hicks giving you sympathy hugs and kisses? Cute jammies. Toast is always good, not sure about the marmite, though. Hope you’re up and at ’em very soon.


  5. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well, Bekki, and hope all is improving by now. I also hope you’re seriously resisting all the creme eggs you have hidden away! Think about all those skimpy summer clothes you want to wear. All I can say about ‘Poldark’ is that I’m missing it like mad, and can’t wait for the next series. I haven’t seen the cover of the RT but it looks like Poldark’s in the running for a Bafta?

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