Sunday Sevens 27th March

Time again for Sunday Sevens,  devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week.

Before I start on pictures, I’ll tell you that I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my 8.1 Windows to Windows 10. I hoped that since the upgrade had been released 8 months ago teething problems had been ironed out. However, after having problems earlier in the week emerge with connecting to internet, that I managed to fix, today my outlook stopped working. I’m therefore having trouble downloading pics,  so apologise for the quality of some of these.

If anyone knows how to fix the email issue, I’d be grateful for their input.

1. Last Sunday was spent mostly in the garden. Lovely husband spent hours sawing logs…


2. … while I took the ivy from the trees – a lot harder than it sounds and I resorted to peeling bits off with my finger nails 😦


3. When I jumped on the scales in the evening I’d lost two pounds, but before you congratulate me, I’ve been so bad this week that I’ve probably put that back on. So I’ll move quickly onto Monday…

While Hick’s favourite wood has been shut we’ve been travelling further to find him enough different, interesting walks. On Monday I drove 25 minutes to Witherdon Woods only to find they are now shut!

Witherdon Woods

4. The week itself was pretty non eventful until Friday when I went for a visit to the lovely Laura, from Binty’s Farm, to meet her gorgeous Ryeland sheep and their lambs.


5. I was offered a cuddle with the lambs, but said I’d wait until I’d finished changing lenses on my camera. But then we both forgot about it. So very sad I missed out on lamby cuddles.


6. On Friday night we drove up to see the in laws…

Lovely Husband and Lovely Father in law

7. And on Saturday evening we met up with our lovely niece and her husband.

GetAttachment 2


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Bekki Hill

29 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 27th March

    1. Oh yes, we used to have them surrounding our house before this one – they really are wonderful to watch. We do have sheep in the field behind us now, but they’re hard to see because of the Devon bank and the hedge 😦


  1. In my opinion, anything has got to be an improvement on Windows 8! Hope you get your email sorted soon.
    I feel your pain with the ivy having watched my husband take many years’ worth of it off a 15m wide wall recently.
    Why has the little lamb got a plastic sheet over it and why do they keep closing Mr. Hicks’ woods?

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    1. I don’t think 10 is much changed from 8.1 – but I know 8.1 will get more and more obsolete- otherwise I’d have stayed with it. Tried the recommended fixes for the problem again, but they’re not working. At least I can still get to email without outlook and I have now sussed how to stop the pics coming down looking rubbish. Still if anything else stops working, I may well switch back. Before the email gave up I had to do a fix to get the internet connection to play nice. So a lot of chunttering has been going on.
      All the lambs apart from the black one, who is older, had coats to keep them warm. The moor does get very cold on the moor and it has been particularly cold for March. A lot of the sheep that are out on the moor still haven’t had their lambs.
      The first forest was shut to fell trees because phytophthera is spreading through them, but they have taken it as opportunity to fell pines and replace them with native trees – hopefully that will be open again soon. This latest one I assume is just to harvest trees – but bad planning not to wait until the first one is open, If you ask me.

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  2. The lambs are so cute! I am curious why the white lamb looks to be wearing a rain poncho. I hope you can find some nice walking trails for Mr. Hicks. After upgrading to Windows 10, the very minute it was available, I am still scratching my head over some of it’s features and how to implement them. I wish you luck.

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    1. Rain ponchos are to keep them warm. Hoping Hick’s favourite woods will be open again soon, until then we’ll have to have repeat walks in the same week – which even at nearly twelve is boring and encourages disappearing.
      I’ve gone from 8.1 to 10 and can’t find much difference, except that the damn thing keeps throwing up problems 😦 Thanks for the good luck wishes.


  3. I’ve also had some technical difficulties myself lately (not with Windows, though). Very annoying, and I am still sorting it out… Slowly.
    Sweet pictures of the lambs. Too bad those woods are closed, too!
    I am not familiar with the Ivy growing on the trees, and now I am curious… I have always thought that kind of folliage on a tree actually looks quite charming, but now wondered if it is harmful to the tree?
    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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    1. Sorry to hear you’ve had technical difficulties too. Mine are on top of very intermittent broadband connections, so getting really fed up.
      You’re right ivy weakens trees and helps encourage disease, so needs to be stopped.
      Thank you, yes, as you see, we’ve been to the in laws over the weekend. Back home now, but although it’s a bank holiday, lovely husband has had to go to work today 😦
      Hope you have a great week 🙂

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  4. I’m totally useless with computer stuff so I hope someone can give you the help you need. That lamb piccie is gorgeous.I’m sorry all the woods near you are shut off.There will no doubt be a good reason, but poor old Hicks. 😦

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      1. Ha ha – he’ll go anywhere with me provided there’s not something more interesting to disappear off chasing for an hour or so – i.e. anything with four legs.
        Our village seemed untouched by storm Katie and there were only a few more trees over in the woods yesterday. Thanks for asking 🙂 x

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  5. The pictures of the lambs are lovely – pity you missed out on the cuddle. Sorry to hear that Witherdon Woods were also shut after driving out there especially for Mr. Hicks’ walk. Are both woods closed for any particular reason, other than the weather! There’s no tree disease around, is there? You seem to have had a busy but interesting week all round, and I’m sure you’ll get back on the diet after Easter.
    As for Windows 10 . . . I’ve just bought a new laptop as my old one would make even dinosaurs look ancient! The old one was continuously freezing on me and was still on Windows 7! Anyway, I’ve also heard all the complaints about Windows 10, but I haven’t had time to play around with it yet. I just hope I can transfer all my old files onto it successfully and they aren’t incompatible.

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    1. I think you should be ok if your laptop has it installed. I got the free download – but had left it eight months after issue, because I knew there would be problems – there always are. Thing is although it’s eight months on the calendar/email ‘fix’ they give doesn’t work 😦
      Abbeyford is shut because there is phytophthora in the Larch. I assume the other one is just harvesting.


  6. Lovely and productive week! We’ve had to deal with and ivy fence at this house and an ivy maple tree at the last one — a big, dirty job! Glad you accomplished it. Fun with lambs, and hoping Mr. Hicks can have his woods back very soon.
    Windows 10 has given me some fits with pictures also, but it has mostly to do with a new and less efficient manner of saving the photo files. They seem to be all over the place!

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  7. Reblogged this on Binty's Farm and commented:
    On Friday I met up with the lovely Bekki from Dartmoor Yarns, who has featured some of our lambs on her Sunday Sevens blog. The coloured ewe lamb is such a bold girl!


  8. Lambs are irresistible, aren’t they? I remember bottle feeding some when I was a child – fancy missing out on a cuddle! We did the whole pick-ivy-off-with-your-fingernails a few weeks back. My nails are still recovering. I have a Mac so can’t help on the Windows front, I’m afraid;)

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    1. I’m still kicking myself about missing the cuddle 😦 Hope your nails recover soon. I still have two ivy clad trees to go – mind I always seem to be able to do something to ruin my nails, so if it wasn’t them it would be something else.

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