Sunday Sevens – 20th March

Time again for Sunday Sevens,  devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week.

  1. Regular readers may remember that a while back we bid for and won, in a charity auction, an afternoon tea at Lydford Country House Hotel. Although we would have left it until the dieting was over, there was an expiry date on it of the end of March. So last Sunday we went for our afternoon. It was totally yummy and we’ll definitely be returning for more once the diet is over.

2. Since Sunday afternoon is the time I stand on the scales each week, I ran home to quickly stand on them before the calories settled on my hips and bum. I was delighted to find I’d lost 3 1/2lbs over the previous week – so I was able to add a bag and half of sugar to the mound that represents my total weight loss this year…

3. Weather-wise, apart from yesterday, we had glorious week of sunshine – although it was a little cold. Still, it was feeling very spring-like with the beautiful blue skies and the gorse blooming – sorry not such a good photo of that.

20160316_152332 (1)

4. The daffodils were out in force too. This patch in our garden has come up blind the last two years we’ve been here,  but last year I managed to stop Lovely Husband mowing the daffodil stems down the minute they’d finished blooming.  Just look at the difference it made…

20160318_164617 (1)

5. Unfortunately it’s not all been good news in the garden. This appeared on Wednesday….

20160318_164558 (1)
I’m hoping Mr Mole was just passing, but I doubt it 😦

6. On Thursday evening I had a lovely time out having drinks for a friend’s 40th Birthday. I forgot to take photos, apart taking a pic of a flump rabbit, which, apart from 3 glasses of Prosecco, was my only diet breaking indulgence. I would have had birthday cake, but I’m lactose intolerant and I forgot to take my tablets that let me eat dairy 😦

20160317_221648 (1)

7. Unfortunately it’s been such a busy week workwise that I barely had any time to work on the secret sweater. All I managed was a little bit of decreasing on the sleeves. Hopefully I’ll get more done next week.


Hope you’ve had a great week too.

Bekki Hill

39 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 20th March

  1. Is that 18lbs? That’s fantastic, but even if that afternoon tea does settle on your hips and bum, that’s better than settling on your tummy, like mine does:( Love the traditional china, too. I’m not a gardener, but the daff leaves are supposed to be left to die down for a bit after the flowers are over, aren’t they? Presumably that’s why they bloomed so well this year for you. We had a dead mole on our driveway, dropped by a passing bird, I think. They are the cutest, tiny little pests. Not like the rats that eat the chicken food. Nope. They’re not cute at all.

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    1. Actually it’s 20 – 2.2lbs to bag – sorry showing off now. Yes, you’re right about the daffs – took my all to stop LH mowing them last year, but now he see’s why. Oh yes, moles are so much smaller than I though they were and I agree, way cuter than rats.

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    1. Thank you. Oh yes, that tea was so scrummy. I agree about the moles needing somewhere to live – wish I could put a sign up saying ‘Try the field next door.’ No one will mind them being there.


  2. Spring can be such an uplifting time of year, and all of thos beautiful blooming flowers are such a delight to the senses! Around here the snow is melting, the geese are returning, and in the last few days, the sun has been shining gloriously. I went for a long walk with a friend yesterday and will try to take another walk today. Glad you had an enjoyable week! Take care, Bekki! 💐

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  3. We have moles in our garden occasionally and the dogs love digging in the soft earth they push up. We don’t do anything about them and they disappear eventually. I have only ever seen two moles ‘in the flesh’ – on two separate occasions – and they were both in exactly the same position. They were just emerging from their burrows, head and shoulders out, little velvet paws either side of the entrance as if they were sniffing the morning air – as dead as doornails.

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    1. Aw! Bless your moles, I wonder why they died like that? HRH loves a good molehill – he’s so funny digging and frantically pulling chunks away with his teeth. However, this is the first time we’ve had one in the garden and he’s completely ignored it.


  4. The Lydford Hotel afternoon teas look like something to die for! No on could possibly stay on a diet with such wonderful goodies in front of them. I imagine it isn’t the cheapest place in the world to dine, though.The lovely spring weather is set to break later this week, I believe – the usual British pattern, unfortunately. As foe moley – we had a persistent one (maybe more) for a few years. We eventually got some mole deterrents that vibrate and send out sounds. We also tried some little bulbs (Swedish idea, I think) that give off a smell that is supposed to get rid of moles. Neither of these things seemed to work well for long. The vibrating things seemed to do the trick for a while, but then we saw signs that moley had come back. Perhaps he just got immune to the idea.
    Well done oth the diet. Little lapses don’t seem to be setting you back too much. The sylph-like you is almost back. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I think blogging about my weight loss is really helping me get back on track when i do stray. So thank you for your support. Our next door neighbours tried all sorts with their moles then they finally called in the mole man. Mind they also got a new greyhound about the same time that turns out to have a small rodent killer instinct – she even picked a fight with a rat at a service station the other week, despite being on the lead. So I’m not sure it’s the mole man that did the trick for them.


      1. That must be the answer then…we need to get a greyhound! Haha! Nick’s on the verge of getting a mole trap, which I detest the thought of!
        I think sharing your weight loss on your blog must act like a kind of ‘Weightwatchers’. You are accountable every week. It seems to be working really well. 🙂

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      2. Know what you mean about the mole trap – unfortunately they’re so persistent once they’re in. Yep, I agree free weight watchers – you should all be charging me each time you read my blog 😉


      3. Ha ha. Aw, Bekki, we’re all out here, rooting for you to do well and get your slimline shape back before the summer. Charging you would be so cruel. I’m seriously impressed by the mounting bags of sugar. Keep going, lass!
        You’re right about the persistence of moles, too. Nick goes mad when they ‘lift’ up his newly planted bulbs or seeds he’s sown – not to mention his ‘bowling green’ lawn! 🙂


  5. Good job on the diet front, very impressive indeed. Never had to deal with moles, but I remember that my grandmother did. She thought they were cute. The tea looks so scrumptious, and beautifully presented. Glad to see spring approaching, gorgeous daffodils!

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  6. Well done on the weightloss, you are doing so well. Wow!!
    Love the bright yellow Daffodils, and I think Mr Mole as well. He may depart once the Daffodils have done their cheering up for Spring. (Crossing my fingers)
    Have a good weekend. 🙂

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