Sunday Sevens – 6th March

This week’s been a lovely busy week, when I took a break to go visiting. Unfortunately I was being so busy, I forgot to take many pictures and my lense on my phone when taking selfies was very fuzzy – my guess is smeared with makeup from talking on the phone. So, with a bit of help from a couple of old photos, here’s this week’s Sunday Sevens – Sunday sevens was devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week.

  1. Still at home last Sunday. The weather forecast was rain, but the day was filled with beautiful sunshine, so we went for a walk on Sandymouth Beach with Mr Hicks.


2. On Tuesday I caught the train up country to visit my dear friend Sandra. We had a lovely time shopping and chatting and walking her dog – Zak.


3. On Wednesday afternoon I headed into London to stay with Lovely Littlest. And on Thursday – while littlest was at work, I met up with my chum Linda for a trip to the knitting and Stitching Show – full write-up later in the week.


4. Lovely Littlest and I had been supposed to go to the Harry Potter experience on the Friday, but work intervened with that, so I went and did a bit of shopping and met up with another chum.

Old pic – I didn’t get to see the gorgeous Micky this time.

5. Although Lovely Littlest was working, we had three lovely evenings together. Clearly dieting was cancelled for the week.

6. On Saturday lovely Husband joined us and we had an early Mother’s day lunch.

7. After saying goodbye to Lovely Littlest, we headed home to the best welcome in the world…

The tail is wagging, but he hates having his photo taken.

Hope you’ve had a great week,

Bekki Hill

29 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 6th March

  1. The picture of Zak made me laugh – with that ‘hairstyle’ I felt sure it was a girl dog.
    Sorry I couldn’t make the show this year but it looks as if you had lots of fun and I look forward to reading your write up about it.

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    1. Shhh! Don’t tell my friend you think he looks like a girl. I did think about you. There was so much that wasn’t knitting or stitching, I think you made a good decision. Although it would have been lovely to meet up.


  2. Shame about the work changing your plans, but still, you seem to have had a lovely catch up with friends, as well as nice family time too. There’s nothing better than seeing a ‘waggy’ tail every time you open the front door 🙂

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  3. Some lovely photos of a great week, Bekki. It does you good to get away, especially at this time of year, when spring is about to show its face. We were away the wek before and managed a couple of ‘seaside’ days (though Blackpool is just depressing in the winter!) I see your husband cleary wishes he’d been born in Edwardian times – or was the moustache simply a gag in (not so good) disguise? 🙂

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