Over the last few days I’ve been experimenting with textured crochet. I want to make a sheep – as you do – and have been making small samples of stitches to see if they’re right for its fleece.

First I tried chain loop stich that looked quite knobbly…


But mine looked more like a flower…

20160229_103030 (1)
Gone wrong somewhere here. I’ll have another go on a flat piece.

I tried loop stitch – on a flat piece this time. The pattern said treble crochet on the non-loop row, but the gap between loops was too big, so I tried single crochet between the second and third rows of loops. That seemed more sheepy to me, but when I curled the piece to make it sheep shaped, the loops weren’t close enough together.20160229_103110 (1)

Next I found berry stitch

20160229_102850 (1)

But my book simply said – make berry and I couldn’t for the life of me find where it told you how to do it. So I turned to New Stitch a Day and found out how to make berry stitch…


I then remembered Edward’s Menagerie had a sheep in it. I checked. It had two sheep.

Their body’s are made first then the texture added. So I made a piece of single crochet…


Then added chains as explained …

Don’t think this is right, but I’ll keep on going when I have more time, just to get the hang of it, if nothing else.

So that’s about as far as I’ve got. Anyone got any more suggestions of stitches I could try? Bearing in mind I want to stuff it, so the fabric needs to be reasonably dense.

Bekki Hill

30 thoughts on “Experimenting

  1. I don’t crochet, so I’m afraid I can’t be of any help, but I just want to say how much I LOVE the sheep in the book. You obviously need a sheep mascot for your blog. And I obviously need to resist the urge to take up crochet just so I can make one for me.

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  2. I can’t help with the technicalities as I’m a knitter not a crocheter (surely that’s not a word!) but I can’t visualise any of the stitches you have done as a sheep because of the bright pink 😉 Will you be making your sheep for a gift or – as STH suggests above – as a bog mascot? I’m sure you’ll get it sorted in the end and be able to show us your own ‘rare breed’.

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  3. I made the Edward’s Menagerie sheep and at first the fleece looks wrong but as the sheep is covered it looks much better – there’s a help video on the toft website http://www.thetoftalpacashop.co.uk/Article_Pages_CHAINLOOPShowtocrochetfleeceormane.aspx. I went round the sheep in a spiral missing a stitch and a row each time (I think) as I like things in some kind of order but it seemed to work. It began to look like a tutu at first! 🙂 Good luck with your sheep!

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  4. What an interesting post, I adore experimentation! I have to say the delightful thing about crochet is the adding – your last method, the sky is the limit really with what you can do as it is so versatile.

    There is a stitch called popcorn stitch, its a bit bobbly. However if it was me, I would look at some of the feathery fibres available – they create a fleecy fur like effect of their own.

    Either way, I will be interested to see the finished sheep!

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  5. I think I’ll give you an ‘A’ for pereseverance here, Bekki. You certainly don’t give up. And your followers have given you lots of suggestions as to where to look for help, so that’s great. I liked the look of all your efforts. Pity the ‘loopy’ one didn’t work – I quite liked that one for a ‘shaggy’ sheep. But I liked the berry stitch for a curly-haired one. 🙂

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