Sunday Sevens – 28th February 2016

Time for another #sundaysevens. Sunday sevens was devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week.

  1. On Sunday last week Lovely Husband freed the aga sufficiently for the repair man to remove the top. Unfortunately when the man came on Wednesday, he still couldn’t find a fault. The smell seems to have reduced a little, so I’m currently living with the doors and windows open half the time, but we’ll have to speak to aga themselves if it doesn’t clear after the weekend.


2. After a weekend of food and alcohol I was intent on making up the lost diet ground. I added some extra exercise on Monday and Tuesday, spreading the chippings that had been deposited on the duck path and ferrying barrowfuls of the ones chipped elsewhere in the garden. I got down a good thick layer, but there’s still more, so a second layer will be done when I have some time.


3. Despite my best intentions, my diet went astray again on Thursday, celebrating at a very well behaved hen night. In solidarity for the bride being unable to drink, we only drank a little Prosecco and only two people misbehaved when they made their food contributions.


4. Instead of having a striper we played cheesy games including a competition to make the best  haute couture bridal outfit out of bin bags and J-cloths.


5. Foodwise  my diet also got led astray again on Friday at cake craft afternoon.


6. After weeks of wind and rain with only the odd glimpse of sunshine, we had four consecutive days of beautiful blue skies this week.


7. It was rather cold, but makes for great dog walking.


7a) and I even put the washing out.


Hope you’ve had a great week too!

Bekki Hill


33 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 28th February 2016

  1. Such a fun week with lots of work and play. I am sure you will get back on track with your diet and exercise. Nice weather is bound to help. I can’t wait to start hanging laundry out again. We have such a small window before the high humidity doesn’t make it worth it.

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  2. Such a wonderful week, and so much fun. Looks beautiful out there and walks are indeed loads of fun. Glad things are looking up with the stove and your husband were able to get it out a bit. Lets still hope it is not all that serious.
    Enjoy the new week. 🙂

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  3. What a nice week you had. Diets invariably get broken at some stage, it’s so hard to be strict with yourself at hen nights and things. Never mind, there’s always tomorrow. The hen party looked like a lot of fun, the ‘bin bag’ competition was a great idea. Weather e everywhere has been very mixed, but spring’s on its way, so let’s look forward to that.
    Hope yo get your Aga sorted out soon. That sounds a bit odd.
    Will pop back later to catch up some more. 😀

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    1. Hello. Thank you. I knew I couldn’t keep up the pace on the diet forever and there’s no point making yourself suffer. But this week I’ve no temptation, so back to it. In fact I was enjoying being healthy again yesterday. Spring’s definitely on the way here, with lots of bulbs starting to flower and a few more blue skies 🙂 See you later 🙂

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      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂
        I’ll be in Cornwall in June – a fair way from where you are, though. We’ll be near St. Michael’s Mount. Atthe end of April, we’ll be in Chard, in Somerset. I want to see the Cheddar Gorge!
        Don’t worry – we have accomodation booked for both visits. 🙂 We just want to visit a few places we have never seen this year. They should be useful for future blog posts. 🙂

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      2. We’ve booked a cottage in Cornwall because Louise is coming with us. She wants to visit some prehistoric sites down there. Chard is just for Nick and I, and we’ve booked a hotel. It’s only for a quick five day trip. We’ve been ‘through’ Somerset many times on our way to the SW, but never stopped there. We’re looking forward to it. 🙂

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      3. I enjoy most places we visit, Bekki, and love going to places I don’t know much about. I can’t stay at home for more than two minutes. We have a long weekend in York coming up before we go to Somerset. We’re visiting a Viking village! I’m really looking forward to that!

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