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As I mentioned in my Sunday Sevens post, last Friday my crafty chums and I headed off to the Craft 4 Crafters Show in Exeter. As the name suggests, this show included a multitude stalls for of individual crafts – ranging from guilds and upmarket stalls to cheap stalls and even a pound stall. It also included more general stalls, such as storage solutions and lighting. There were a couple stalls selling physical aids – I appreciate crafting does cause various RSI type injuries, but there was also a stall with fleeces and warm coats, clearly aimed at the older person, and nothing to do with crafting.  This mixture of gave the event more of a feel of a market than a craft event.

20160205_131918The upside was that apart from looking at things that interest me, I also got to look at crafts I don’t normally dabble in. The downside was there were few stalls that specialised in my main interests – but I did go knowing it would be a mixed bag, so that’s not a complaint. But more importantly, what did I buy?

I did have a list. I wanted something to store all my knitting bits and bobs in which usually either float around the lounge or live in various project bags. Yes, I know I should have run up some gorgeous storage box, but I’ve been not doing that for years.


Hopefully now I’ll be able to find things a lot more easily.

From the same stall I also bought these…

20160205_170051 (3)

I’ve no idea what for, but they were an absolute bargain, and I’ve so many tiny sewing bits and bobs, I’m sure I’ll soon work it out.

After a break for a cup of peppermint tea and a chat with my chums, I bought this very cheap – not on my list – bead wire, which I’m going to knit with – one day – don’t ask me when.


My list of needs also included these…


Not very exciting, but jolly useful for all my odd bits of embroidery thread.

A 40′ circular knitting needle was also on my list to knit my yellow sweater with. I had been looking for Knitpro Symphonie, but they hadn’t brought any with them. So I went for karbonz instead – since I haven’t tried them yet.


My final purchase wasn’t on my list, but something I plan to do is make myself some tunics. This is the fabric I bought…


I’m not sure it’s all tunic – I’ll work that out later, but not as I need to reach target weight before I start sewing clothes.

Now before you reread this post, have your eyes checked then run round to my house with thermometer and paracetamol in hand, don’t worry, you’re right, I purchased no yarn, but I’m not unwell. Only two stalls interested me and nothing on them called out ‘Buy ME!’ Since I’ve vowed to only buy more yarn if I know what I’m going to knit/crochet with it, this is a good thing!

Anyway, as you see, despite buying no yarn, I still had a lovely day out with my crafty chums and bought some useful stuff!

What sort of craft show do you prefer, the specialist or the more general?

Bekki Hill



38 thoughts on “Craft 4 Crafters

  1. In the last couple of years I have gone back to the U.K. to visit both the Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia and a similarly named one at Alexander Palace. Both times I was a bit taken aback by the amount of stalls selling things seemingly unrelated to crafts. I don’t mind if they sell clothes, scarves, etc. but at least let them be hand made ones and not mass produced.
    Anyway, well done on the yarn avoidance and I like the mix of blue fabrics you bought – very versatile.

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    1. I agree. These events sometimes seem to let anyone in. I guess as a business they want to make their money. But I think it also puts people off, because that’s not what they’ve gone for. So they may be shooting themselves in the foot. Glad you like the fabric 🙂 Are you coming to the Knitting and stitching at Olympia in March this year?


  2. I’ve done some crochet with wire in the past, little flowers for a necklace I seem to remember. I’ve been to Knitting & Stitching at Alexandra Palace, once for work and once as a customer. The former visit was easier because we had somewhere to go back to and sit down! Love your fabric.

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  3. I am so proud of you for not buying any yarns!! You will enjoy the next time so much more now!! But you did buy good stuff, I love Knitpro needles. Great that you had such a good I am going to put away paracetamols and cancel the eye doctor…Johanna. ps I look forward to see those tunic, colors and patterns are delicious!!

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  4. Congrats on not buying any yarn! Let me know how you like the Karbonz. I’ve heard about them on different podcasts and have been wondering if I should invest in some. I had to look up to see if tunic was the same in the UK as the US and it is 🙂 I like both types of craft fairs; however agree that commercial items shouldn’t be sold. I love seeing others creativity to inspire my own.

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  5. It sounds like you had a great time with your crafty chums, and got some good
    purchases out of the day. I like the storage bins – there is something satisfying about having things set up so they are easy to find and easy to store after use. I recently reorganized my fun jewelry and found a fair few necklaces that I had long ago ‘stored’ and forgotten! Now I can see them and access them easily – I feel as if I had gone on a big shopping spree.

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  6. I love these festivals / markets. (ours is called an “expo” and caters for all kinds of hobbies, crafts, art, and much more, a really mixed bag)
    I am happy to see you making a list, I am going to make one as well. It just makes so much sense.
    Pity they did not have yarns that interested you. I do think the wire is a great idea. I have seen jewelry knitted from it before, and it was stunning.
    Always nice to have a day like this with crafty friends. 🙂

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    1. Hello! It was a lovely day and all the more satisfying for having got what I wanted on my list. I also think that helped me not buy yarn. I’ll see how I go with the wire – I always think you need small hands to do that sort of thing well – but still worth a go.

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  7. You got some really useful bits and bobs there. I like shows that have lots and lots of different crafts and supplies of items you can’t buy in your average independent small retailer. I usually have some things in mind when I go but I love to be surprised. I am disappointed if people are selling the finished items, that’s a different kind of craft show completely, at which I am very guilty of thinking” well I could make that!”.Less of the older person, miss! I wouldn’t want ordinary market stuff either! Thanks to sharing your day out, and it’s always good to be out and about with other crafters.

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    1. Me too. I always think people selling the finished article are misplaced at these shows. And I’m sure all of us are guilty of thinking ‘I could make that’. I was actually rather annoyed about the old person assumption of crafters that was made by that fleece/coat stall.


      1. That sort of thing really makes me cross. Apparently a third of 25 – 30 year olds can knit or crochet. I doubt that many of my peers could at that age. Also, if knitters are older, it doesn’t make them sit at home give up on life people that some people seem to think they are. Sometimes I just want to scream ‘We’re not all grannies knitting shreddies!’


  8. What a lot of interesting bits and bobs you bought, even if you’re now feeling desperate to get your hands on some good yarn. All thie storage containers are sure to be useful for your many small items and crafty utensils yoy use. I really like the fabric – we obviously share a tendency to head for blue! I’m trying to branch out a bit nowadays, but blue still remains a favourite.
    Thanks for the lovely tour round the craft event. On the whole (in answer to your question) I think I’d prefer a more specialised event. Things like clothing etc. can be purchased at a general mrket or store. But still, you seemed to have a great day out.
    I hope you’ll let us know how the bead wire ‘knits up’ – if you find time to do it.

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