Sunday Sevens 7th January

Time for another #sundaysevens. Sunday sevens was devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week.

  1. This week’s been a rather muddled week that’s felt very one step forward two steps back. But I’m pleased to say all annoying challenges, such as the broadband signal being more off than on and, despite it being only on the turbo trainer, getting a puncture on my bike!


2.  I was delighted however that when I stood on the scales last Sunday afternoon, I’d lost almost 3 1/2 lbs during the week before.  My total loss now equals just about this much sugar…

3. One thing that’s really helping me keep the exercise up is attaching my kindle to the map reader on the handlebars. This week I finished reading this…


I read it at school when I was twelve or thirteen. Apart from remembering the terrible injustice of Tom Robinson’s trial, I only recalled feeling rather meh about the rest of the book. So, I’m so glad I decided to re-read it as an adult. What an amazing and brilliant book! Everything a book should be; well characterised, beautifully written, fantastic plot. No wonder it keep me glued to the turbo trainer.

4. On Monday my dear friend Kathryn Evans published her debut novel. It’s a young adult novel and if you’re interested in winning a copy – along with and ‘under the covers midnight reading kit’ click here.

To help celebrate, and as a surprise to her, all her Facebook friends changed their profile pictures to a photo of themselves photoshopped  to look like the cover of her book. Unfortunately my poor muddled brain thought Tuesday was the 1st and I ended up putting mine up a day late!


5. Friday was definitely the best day of my week when I headed of to Exeter, with my craft chums, to the Craft for Crafters show.


6. Our terrible weather continues. Yesterday we had more gale force winds and yet more rain, bringing flooding all over the roads and in some houses very close to our village. Thankfully  only puddles outside our door.


7. So, apart from a very wet dog walk, Saturday at home yesterday doing chores, with turkey stir fry for tea  -using our last bag of frozen turkey from Christmas.


Hope you’re having a great and less wet and windy weekend than us.

Bekki Hill



46 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 7th January

  1. Less wet, yes, but more windy here in Kuwait 🙂 Although a hint of rain does seem to be in the horizon today. I must give that book a try (to Kill a Mocking Bird).. Funnily, it never appealed to me as a child because I thought it had something to do with killing a bird 😀 So it never found its way from the school library shelf into my hands. Must check it out one day. Glad you had an “eventful” week 🙂

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  2. I remember quite enjoying that book at school; we did it for ‘O’ level and I got an A+ for the essay! I wish I’d known about the craft fair as we’re only 45 mins from Exeter. Rain stopped play as far as dog walking goes yesterday. The dogs refuse to go out in bad weather! Well done on the 10lbs – you must really be noticing a difference by now.


  3. We’ve had a little bit of rain this week too, but not enough to cause any flooding! Glad it didn’t reach your doors! I’ll be reading To Kill A Mockingbird soon: my mum left me her ancient copy when she visited, looking forward to reading it 🙂

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  4. I also read To Kill a Mockingbird as an adult – it really is a great book, isn’t it? No question about why it’s a classic. Sorry to hear about the terrible weather, and even more so that it is causing flooding. Truly hoping it improves soon. Congrats to your friend, how exciting to publish her novel. Sounds like she has a supportive group of friends behind her. 🙂 Have a good week, Bekki!


    1. It certainly is. Yes, my friend is very excited – the friends group are all writers, so understand the trails and tribulations of getting where she’s got. She’s a fabulous writer, but publishing is such a difficult business it’s taken far far longer for her to get published than someone who writes with the quality of her writing should. You have a great week too x

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  5. I love that book too and have read it several times. I also love the movie with Gregory Peck as Atticus ………… it’s a classic in its own right too. We have rain here even though we are supposedly in our hottest driest month of the year! Love your book cover photo!!

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    1. Hello! 🙂 I haven’t seen the film for years, but you’re right, it’s absolutely brilliant. I totally pictured Atticus as Gregory Peck when I was reading. Is out of season rain good or bad? Glad you like the book cover photo.

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      1. The rain is not good if you want to enjoy summer, but does solve the problem of low water catchment and drought in the high country. Our urban summer has been possibly a total of 14 days this year since December 1st – the rest has been winter returning with cold temps, wild winds and or rain………..


  6. Congrats on the weight loss, you are really making the most of it. 🙂
    How awesome is the craft show. Ours is coming up in March, and I am planning to maybe take a days leave from work to have a day there and not rush anything.
    So much rain, just glad you are still good and not also flooded. Keep safe and dry and warm.
    Weekend here promised rain, but not that much, just wind and thunder. 🙂
    Enjoy the new week!!

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    1. Yes, always good to have enough time to look – although these events can be so crowded, it’s still hard to see and the bargains usually go quickly 😦
      Fortunately it’s going to have to be biblical proportions of flooding to flood us. Have to say it’s the wind that really scares me.
      You enjoy your week too!

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      1. I love these events, and sometimes I will go late on the last day, as the exhibitors don’t want to cart all the goods back home, they sell out as much as they can at very low prices. 🙂
        Your winds sounds like our thunderstorms. The thunder and lightning is tremendous, and loud and very bright. Yet I still enjoy our thunderstorms.
        Take care in all the wet weather. 🙂

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      2. There was a small element of dropped prices at the end of the day, but there was also another day to go, so they weren’t at that stage. I like a good thunderstorm too – or at least I did until we had Mr Hicks! Poor chap’s terrified of them.

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      3. 🙂 absolutely. Its always great to go and get goodies and meet new people.
        Poor Mr. H. They don’t like the thunder, Miekie is much the same. She likes to be around us when the storms are in full force. I guess we are lucky that they never last to long.

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  7. Beads and Barnacles

    Congratulations on the weight loss, it must be good motivation to keep going.
    Ugg to the weather. I’m so glad I’m not on ship this winter, It has been so very stormy…
    Fingers crossed for a better week next week

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    1. Ha ha! No, he’s definitely is on my side with the weight loss. Neither he or I could understand how I got a puncture on a turbo trainer, until he went to mend it and found the inner tube he’d put in last time was too big and had got caught my the tyre. Right size in now, so hopefully no more punctures.


  8. You have had a very mixed week, and I sympathise with you over your awful weather. It’s not as bad up here, but still very windy. I read ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ last year and couldn’t believe I’d left it so long. I loved the book! Good news about the sugar mound. 🙂

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