Sunday sevens 24th January

Time for another #sundaysevens. Sunday sevens was devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week…

1. Our snow was short lived. Having fallen on Friday it had all but disappeared Sunday morning. Still the mist was nice and atmospheric on Belevere Tor.


2. Half five on Sunday evening is weigh in time. Last Sunday I was delighted to have lost just over three pounds in a week. Which means my total weight loss since 4th Jan was equivalent to this…

3. Despite doing well, Lovely Husband has lost more weight than me. But that’s hardly surprising since he had a lot of extra exercise spending the weekend shifting the wood felled by the tree surgeon onto the carport. This pile is huge – it’s a double carport and it’s as tall as 6ft tall me!


4. Although it’s been cold and wet all week, I’ve kept exercising using the turbo trainer – incentivised by having my kindle clipped to the map reader. This really is encouraging me to jump on.


5. On Thursday Hicks and I went to the vet for the first time in a month – apart from when we were on holiday, we were going at least once a week from the beginning of September until Christmas! The trip was to check Hick’s new medicine isn’t causing his mast cell tumour to grow, which is a possible side effect. So very pleased to find it was measuring 2mm smaller 🙂

Afraid he wasn’t keen to have his photo taken today.


6.  Friday was cake craft afternoon and I managed to resist this scrummy chocolate orange tart!


7. And finally, on Tuesday I blogged about unravelling the confusion between seed/moss/rice/double moss/double seed/ box stitch. My comments section turned into a bit of a discussion about confusion of the same word meaning different things and it  reminded of this sketch. When I watched it on YouTube, it was even funnier than I remembered. So I’ll leave you with it. Surely one of the best sketches ever written?

Hope you’ve had a great week!

Bekki Hill


38 thoughts on “Sunday sevens 24th January

  1. I don’t have a sweet tooth but even I would struggle to resist that pudding! Such a good idea to be able to read your kindle whilst you exercise. Some firms have treadmills at desks now, so you can walk while you work – brilliant! I’m happy for Mr. Hicks, that’s great news. We quote that sketch all the time as we get through enough candles to light up a small country each month and have ample opportunity to squeeze it in the conversation:)

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    1. Great to hear about the candles 🙂 It’s a rare day when candles get mentioned in our house without that sketch getting referred to. Yes, I have writer friends with treadmills at their desks. I did try knitting on the bike, but I can’t get the speed up.

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    1. Thank you. On the whole I don’t remember the Two Ronnies being very funny, but that sketch is gold dust. Maybe your hubby should give me some recommendations – I was young when the series were broadcast – not that I’m saying your hubby is older, but I so may not have appreciated it so much back then. Although I remember some of it was pretty sexist, which would have put me off. You have a great week too xx

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    1. Thank you – although lovely husband lost more despite eating chocolate and cheese and drinking wine!!!! You’re doing so well with your weight loss. I have a sweet tooth too, I just keep telling myself if I cave this time I’ll never do it – and I have a long way to go. Being tall hides how much extra there really is!


  2. Men seem to have a really unfair with the weight loss situation – but yikes! that is the biggest log pile I’ve probably ever seen. You’re doing well yourself and will be able see it very soon. So glad Mr Hicks is doing better, I wanted to smooch that big handsome face. Oh my goodness, we don’t have a lot of British TV shows here; I never fell out of my chair. Had to play back over and over just to understand them. Hysterical! Another great weekly review. 😀

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  3. Well done with the diet and exercise regime, Bekki. The turbo trainer is coming in useful and I hope you get down to whatever weight you want to be. And just think how many more books you’re managing to read while you’re doing it!
    The Two Ronnies sketch is great – I’ve loved it for years, it’s so clever. And what good news about Mr. Hicks – he’s such a lovely dog. Another great weekly review!


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    1. Hi Millie, Good to hear from you. Thank you. Yes, dead chuffed about Hicks and he’s even better at this end of the week than he was when I wrote tis post last weekend. He really is bouncy. Think he’s been taking Benjamin Button pills 😉

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