Sunday Sevens – January 10th

What passes for normal around here resumed this week, and with it I’m back to a regular #sundaysevens. Sunday sevens was devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week.

  1. Last Sunday Lovely Husband scoffed when I said the river would be too deep to cross the  stepping stones. Having said he’d be crossing whatever, he did and got very wet feet. Unfortunately Hicks followed and I spent a tense few moments shouting at him to come back in case the current was too strong for his old legs. He ignored me, but fortunately was fine.
Photograph curtsey of Lovely Eldest – who was far more laid back about it than me.

2. The girls left on Sunday afternoon and we packed away Christmas 😦


3. Once we’d tidied up, we took out the scales for an official pre-diet weigh in.

20160108_091321 (1)

4. On Monday Hicks and I found Christmas again in the woods.

20160101_134346 (2)

5. The tree surgeon came on Tuesday and a suspicious Mr Hicks went out afterwards to stalk the logs – well, you never can be too sure what those pesky logs will get up to.


6. As the rain kept on coming, I climbed back on the turbo trainer in my quest to loose the pounds. But I did make it out on my real bike on Wednesday, with my cold ears protected by my head band from my stitching Santa Pippa at Barnacles and beads.


7. Each Christmas I do feel rather guilty about cutting down young firs to have a Christmas tree in the house, and have been wondering if it would be better to have an artificial one instead. When My lovely neighbour told me Waitrose were selling these for £10 each, I grabbed two. One for the kitchen-diner and one (maybe) to replace the real tree.


Have you grabbed any sale bargains this year?

Bekki Hill

51 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – January 10th

    1. Thank you. Maybe being more laid back should be one of my goals for the year. Although the rivers are so full and the water so powerful at the moment and I’ve known several dogs drown in rivers over the years – some quite young and strong, I don’t think I’d have ever stayed calm in that situation. As you can imagine Lovely husband did get a telling off.

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  1. Good luck with the diet. I felt the same about our tree, it is so sad to think of it growing for years only to have one christmas, but then again, if no-one bought trees they would not be here anyway! Think I’ll try a rooted one next time!

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  2. Mr Hicks was very brave and you were too. Even thou it made you anxious. Maybe the swift cold water felt good on his old legs. I love the decorated tree in the woods. We used to have a small tree in the back of our lot that I am certain a prior tenant planted from a living Christmas tree. I would decorated it with red bows from time to time. It is gone now as the result of one of the big oaks falling during a storm. I switched to an artificial tree years ago as our rooms are too small to house a regular one. The one I have is pretty but very heavy. I want to replace it but did not find any good sales after the holiday for them.

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  3. How old is Mr Hicks? I have a 14-year-old cat and would have a heart attack if he tried to climb a tall tree, the feline equivalent of that water crossing…

    Loved the look of that Christmas tree outside! We’ve had the same artificial tree for years (where I come from natural trees isn’t a usual thing) and honestly love it, but some experts say it’s less eco-friendly than natural ones. Though choice!

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    1. Mr Hicks is 12 in May – mind he’s been a risk taker all his life. I’ve turned more grey hairs over him than the kids.

      I always felt artificial trees were less eco friendly, but how eco friendly are natural ones? Plus I can’t help thinking of the story of the little Christmas tree 😦 Do you know it? It think it’s one of Grimm’s Fairy tales.

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      1. Ah, then Mr Hicks hasn’t slowed down with age! Squish (my cat) has, the poor thing. Although he still thinks he’s a youngster.

        I recall the proper explanation for the trees in a Christmas episode of QI, but which one? I remember they said one could ask the local zoo if they wanted the trees, provided they didn’t have tinsel or other artificial things – elephants, it seems, love to eat them!

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      2. What a shame you can’t remember. Now you mention it, I remember a piece on the local news the other night about the animals in Exeter Zoo liking the trees, apparently even though most don’t eat them, they like to play with them

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  4. I don’t blame you getting worried about Mr H.Even though he would have loved his adventure, I too get really worried if Hugo goes in anything fast flowing.Luckilly he’s always been more of a toe dipper, unlike his predecesor who practically lived in rivers.X

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  5. 2 dresses and a jumpsuit for me in the sales! Felt very frivolous!! I’ve not dared venture on the scales after Christmas, but I bet I’ve put on about 7 lbs as I feel sluggish again. Glad Mr Hicks didn’t come to any harm, it looks pretty strong does that river. 🙂

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    1. Good haul. Well done!

      You seem to have really got into your stride with this running, so I’m sure the pounds will soon drop off again. I put on a stone and a half last year! Which is ridiculous. Really need to take myself in hand – although it was the in laws 80th birthdays celebration this weekend, so I’ve not done so good, but back on the horse from tomorrow.


  6. Thank goodness Mr H was fine. I would be nervous as well. Loves the christmas tree in the woods. What a lovely surprise to someone out walking.
    Yes indeed, Christmas all wrapped up now. All the best for the exercise and diet routine this year. 🙂

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  7. Love the picture of the river – beautiful sight. And Mr. hicks evidently enjoyed the extra volume! The little Christamas tree in the woods is cute, but strange. Did someone just stick it there, baubles and all, or was it purposely put there for over Christmas by the local council or suchlike? Good luck with the pound shedding. You’re certainly not alone in that activity.
    I agree with what you say about cutting down young firs. We get our tree from a huge plantation on the Doddington Hall estate, near Lincoln.I wrote a post about it in Dec. 2014. They have a strictly controlled system of cutting and replanting, do we don’t feel too guilty getting one from there.
    Have a great 2016, Bekki and I hope you achieve all your goals. 🙂

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  8. Beads and Barnacles

    Ohh, I’m not sure when the last time I got on some scales was, and I don’t really fancy doing it now but I do need to loose some weight this year. (at some point, after the christmas chocolate has gone…)
    Oh good to see the headband got some use, I hope its not too loose. My one is a bit, I’m thinking of taking it in a bit to make it more snug, but it works fine if there isn’t much wind blowing… xx

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      1. LOL I bet he prefers a warmer version if truth be told! Though to keep Retrievers and Labradors out of water is virtually impossible, as I recall when I had a Lab. Now being a Weim, Peppy won’t even get a claw wet willingly, such a wuss, first sign of rain and he crawls into bed and crosses his legs as long as poss!! ;-/

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  9. Hello Bekki. I have been using the same family Christmas tree (artificial, clearly) from when I was ten years old! And many of my grandma’s ornaments, too. It’s kind of cool because it has become a family tradition, and the added bonus is that it is a very environmentally friendly tradition. Enjoyed the post, and glad Mr Hicks managed to get to the other side.

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  10. Good job, Mr. Hicks….he definitely had a purpose, didn’t he. But I’d have been biting my nails on the other side. And doesn’t he look handsome, standing guard! That little tree must have brought a smile. And here is another one joining the “get-moving” gang. Dreading my annual dr checkup. They insist on having me put both feet on the scale!

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  11. Wow, that river looks raging – you wouldn’t have got me crossing the stepping stones, I’d rather wade through like Mr Hicks! We’ve started taking the decorations down today but it usually takes a couple of days a) because we decorate all the rooms in the house and b) because it looks so bare and depressing afterwards.

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    1. Oh yes the house does feel empty without the decorations 😦 and sad too because Christmas always seems to pass too quickly. Since we’ve moved I don’t have enough decorations for the whole house, but I’m working on it 🙂

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