Sunday Sevens 2015 Best Bits

Sunday sevens was devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week. However as 2015 has just ended, I decided to use this week’s Sunday’s Sunday Sevens  to look back through the photos I posted last year and share my best bits.

March: Seeing the shipwreck at Northcott beach unearthed by the storms in 2014 having been  buried beneath the sand for almost 100 years.


2. May: Lovely weekend with family and friends at Lovely Niece’s wedding


3. End of May: Visiting Proper Woolly – the new wool festival in North Devon

Proper Woolly 1

4. July: Philippa Naylor’s amazing 2 day applique workshop

Philippa Naylor Workshop

5. August: Fabulous birthday weekend in the Netherlands with Lovely Husband and my lovely girls20150822_141625


6. October: Two experiences that will live with me forever:

Absolutely magical whale watching in Monterey

Whale's Tail Monterey

A moment of recognising just how insignificant we are and how awesome our planet is  – in Yosemite.

Glacier Point Yosemite National Park

7. Not to forget how lucky I am every single day to live my life in such a beautiful place with my beautiful boy…


and Lovely Husband…


And how lucky I am to have so many lovely friends – both virtual and 3D – who include me in their lives, share the fun and hold out a hand when help is needed.

Here’s to making so more wonderful memories in 2016!

Bekki Hill



34 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 2015 Best Bits

      1. Totally. I’ve never written a diary and I wouldn’t keep one up if I did. I never meant my blog to have my personal stuff on it, but Sunday Sevens is such a good way of sharing snippets of nice stuff without it intruding on the ‘focus’ of the blog.

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  1. Dear Bekki, what a wonderful post! Yes, those pictures of the shipwreck were beautiful and moving – the reflections of the sky on the water, against the rusted remains that silently hold so many stories, unearthed after a century. There is something powerful in that. I also especially loved your whale watching post, and Yosemite. And, of course, we all love Mr. Hicks (😊). I am so glad we’ve connected through this journey of blogging and learning across the vast distances. xoxo

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