Merry Christmas



Christmas is such a grand celebration, but Christmas can also amplify the negatives of the present and the past. So although I wish you all a Happy Christmas, I also send a wish for those who are facing difficulties, that things improve. To those who have shadows from the past, keep making those new happy memories so future Christmas is a happier place.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Picture curtsey of one of the Christmas cards we’ve received this year – created by


21 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Belated Christmas wishes to you, too, Bekki. How thoughtful of you to consider those less fortunate than ourselves, or those facing difficulties right now. I’v thoroughly enjoyed following your blog this year and find your posts amusing, creative and inspirational. I wish you every happiness in 2016.

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    1. Hi Millie! Thanks for the belated wishes and saying such lovely kind things. I always think Christmas is so hard on those who have had or are going through difficulties, but I think some people stay stuck in bad experiences from the past that they don’t need to – although I’m not saying they should forget loved ones or anything like that.

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      1. Yes, we often tend to become very self-centred at Christmas, focusing on our own little circles. There are always people out there whose lives are far less happy. Hope you enjoy your walk with Harry. 🙂

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