16 thoughts on “Three joke challenge (day 2)

  1. Yup…hilarious! My sons (unfortunately) have a long list of these and they really make me laugh (partly because of the performance they give with it) but this one in new to me…Ha, cannot wait for Christmas dinner and impress them!!! Xo Johanna

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  2. I’ve adapted my favourite ‘innocent’ groanworthy joke to make it a bit Christmassy.

    A bloke goes into a bar on Boxing Day for a pint of beer and he’s got a newt on his shoulder. So the barman says “‘ere mate, did you know you’ve got a newt on your shoulder?” Yep, says the bloke, I got him for Christmas. What’s his name then? asks the barman. He’s called ‘Tiny’, says the bloke. “Why ‘Tiny’? asks the barman. Because he’s my newt, says the bloke.

    My gift to you this Christmas 😉

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    1. Ha! Ha! Thank you. A lovely surprise present. Much appreciated. Will try it out on the family at Christmas – although I am renowned for being unable to tell a joke without messing it up.


  3. I was barking right up the wrong tree with this one, Bekki. I always associate the ‘ribbet ribbet’ bit with frogs, so toads didn’t enter my head. Another smile and an almost chuckle – all in true cracker-style fun!

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