Sunday Sevens 6th December

Sunday’s here again, so time for another #sundaysevens. Sunday sevens was devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week.

It’s been another wet week here in the UK. We’ve been lucky enough to miss the storm that hit this weekend. I hope all my northern friends are safe and dry and my heart goes out to all those who are suffering from the flooding.

  1. Although we’ve had the good fortune to miss the worst, it’s still jolly wet in the south west and our rivers are full with so much water running off the moor….


2.  Sadly Mr Hicks favourite woods have closed this week. There’s phytophthora spreading through the larch, so the Forestry Commission are shutting the woods while they fell the trees.


3. On a brighter note I wrapped up the first Christmas presents…


4. … and we put up the tree.

20151203_184616 (1)

5. On Friday Mr Hicks went to stay with his favourite girls….

6. … so we could take a flying trip up country yesterday to drop in on my lovely friend Sandra…


7. Then on to Catch up with Lovely Littlest and deliver her Christmas jumper.

Phew! She likes it 🙂


Hope you’ve had a lovely week,

Bekki Hill


36 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 6th December

  1. Like it? Judging by the size of that smile you’ve just been nominated for Mum Of The Year! We might have to go and buy our tree today as yours (and your friend’s) look so lovely. I’m currently having a lie-in after a late night whilst hubby has gone back to the village hall to help with the washing up:)

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  2. Wow, a lovely and busy week. All the rain and water still looks good, despite being a bit on the very wet side. Pity about the woods and the trees, but rather safe than sorry.
    Love your tree and the family photos. All looks so happy.
    Even Mr Hicks looks content, despite not being able to get into the woods.
    Have a good week and take care. 🙂

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  3. Good that Mr. Hicks has some buddies to help with shortage of time in the woods for a bit. The Christmas jumper is great, no wonder you had a two thumbs up! Your tree is lovely, it looks as if that little nook was designed just for it. Perfect!

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  4. What a lovely week you’ve had. it makes a change to read that you aren’t frantically knitting and counting stitches. Like you, we’ve been lucky in not experiencing floods. At York, the Ouse has burst its banks again, which it does quite often. But further north still has suffered terribly, Cumbria in particular. I do feel for all those people whose homes have been flooded.
    Well, you are all Chritmassy, with your lovely tree up. We have a real one, so we don’t put it up until a week before Christmas. And your daughter looks wonderful in her new Christmas jumper. 🙂

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    1. It has looked awful on the news. I was in tears watching one couple on the news. And I can’t believe they spent 38 million only a few years ago on flood defences, for the same people to be flooded again now.
      Our tree is real, I’m just watering it well 🙂

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      1. I think I know the couple you mean. The poor woman was in tears, and it was the second time they’d been flooded. It was in Carlisle, I believe. Heartbreaking.
        Yes, real trees can last well, particulary if you buy a rooted one. Otherwise, they need to be kept quite cool, too. We’ve started putting ours in the conservatory, which is far cooler than the lounge (with the multi-fuel burner, which has us all raosted!). Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the smell of pine needles.

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      2. I’m glad to hear that. There’s nothing worse than a half-bare tree before New Year’s Eve even gets here. We’ve got into the habit of not putting our tree up until the 17th. That was the date of my husband’s accident 25 years ago. Our eldest daughter, who was 17 at the time, organised the rest of our children to put the tree up (to take their minds off things) while I was at the hospital, sitting through Nick’s night-long op. Our eldest son, then 16, came with me. Not a happy memory, but the 17th has stuck as tree-putting-up-day.

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  5. Sorry to hear about the rain storms, though very glad that things are ok for you guys. That is worrisome about the Phytophthora – it’s good that they are dealing with it and will hopefully get it all under control soon. The Christmas tree looks lovely and your daughter’s Christmas sweater is adorable! You must have made her day. Xo

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