Sunday Sevens 28th November

Sunday’s here again, so time for another #sundaysevens. Sunday sevens was devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week.

1. It finally turned cold last weekend. Despite the unusually warm Autumn, my holly is predicting it’s staying that way.

20151111_144954 - Copy

2. With Hicks being unwell for so long, he hasn’t been up to walking with his young boisterous chums. But finally on Tuesday he was well enough to go for it.

Kai and Max

3. Although afterwards he climbed on the settee and slept solidly all afternoon.

20151124_161942 - Copy

4. On Wednesday we lost the pub quiz by one point 😦

20151125_213606 (1)

5. Thursday evening, Mr Hicks decided it was bedtime at 9.30 and went into an enormous sulk when I refused to give him his bedtime biscuit.

20151126_221033 (1)

6. Friday was our monthly cake craft group meeting.

20151127_145727 (1)

7. Saturday night we had a lovely evening in the village hall at the bistro evening and the auction in aid of our newly erected village playground. Here’s lovely husband all excited over placing the winning bid for afternoon tea at the Ensleigh hotel


So all in all it’s been a lovely week. Hope you’ve had a good one too.

Bekki Hill





35 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 28th November

  1. Mr Hicks has asked me to employ a solicitor. I think the key point he said was that you must be working on British Summer Time. So you will receive a formal letter to this effect. He says he still loves you but you know he has to make a stand 😍

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    1. 🙂 Overacting as usual cos he know it will go on Sunday Sevens. It’s owed by the family of Alex Politzi – the TV Hotel Inspector. Won’t be to far away if you ever come to the south west on hols.


  2. Looks like a most enjoyable cake, er craft, get together! And yay for Mr. Hicks getting out and about…though he does look like a champion sulker. And I wonder how often you give in?? The shot of your husband’s exuberance is priceless!

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  3. It was a cold weekend up here, too, and it’s pouring down today. What a lovely week you had, and Mr. Hicks getting better must be such a relief. The extra sleep will do him good. Congrats to Lovely Husband on winning the afternoon tea! That will be another great day out for you and you’ll have to do a post about it (or at least include it in your Sunday Sevens). Love the idea of a weekly meeting of the cake group. What a nice way to spend a few hours. 🙂

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    1. Horrid here today too – got so wet and muddy walking Hicks and almost blown away. But so pleased he’s feeling up to it. Now steady on, that cake groups only monthly – although weekly is an excellent idea 😉


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