Sunday Sevens #61

Sunday’s come round again so quickly and with it time again for #sundaysevens. Sunday sevens was devised by Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week. I enjoyed reading other’s Sunday Sevens so much, I’ve been joining in for a while now.

Most of this week, apart from walking Mr Hicks, I’ve been at home. So nothing amazing, but here’s my best shot…

  1. Spent most of last weekend in the garden tidying up for winter. The weather’s so mild this poor little primrose has got very confused.


2. A lovely sunny start to the week gave way to mist and rain…

Misty Day

3. So much rain all the lovely colours of the weekend were totally washed away by the rain 😦


4. Out in the woods I found this amazing fungus…


5. HRH is clearly feeling better – although he’s still on antibiotics and he may well have to go back on steroids, so not out of the woods yet. But in the less metaphorical woods, he’s been up to his old tricks, disappearing off all over the place again. Monday I had to wait a full 15 mins for him to reappear. Then, because he’s far too old for that sort of behaviour, I waited 5mins while he caught his breath…


6. In indoor news, the best I can muster is that I’ve been rummaging through patterns for knitting my BritKnit KAL swatch.


7. And we finally made a start on decorating the guest bedroom…


Hope you’ve had a great week!

Bekki Hill


40 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #61

  1. I thought that fungus was a hydrangea at first glance – it’s amazing isn’t it?
    My old goldie used to take herself off and it used to frighten the life out of me at first. By the time she was eleven I was sort of resigned to it but never quite got used to it. When she was younger – and we lived in West Sussex – she was usually in pursuit of pheasants which were all over the place as they bred them for shooting. They do have fun though don’t they?

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    1. They certainly do. I know what you mean, you get resigned to waiting for them to return and don’t worry as much after a while. HRH doesn’t disappear much these days, so part of me is very pleased when he does.


  2. Although Fifi is perfectly behaved off the lead (she’s 13 next week), I now have to keep her on it when walking through the lanes as she’s so deaf that she can’t hear the odd car – or me calling her to heel out of harms way. She doesn’t seem to mind but it seems a shame after all these years of freedom. The ‘smile’ on Mr Hick’s face is brilliant. He looks extremely pleased with himself:)

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  3. The weather’s definitely changing, it’s so hard to get colourful shots when everything’s so grey, but you’ve shown the cold wintery mood that the fog gives. Lovely to hear My Hicks is feeling a bit more like his old self. I bet he flaked out for the rest of the day when he got home. 🙂

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    1. That fungus was amazing – seemed like something from outer space. Unfortunately I accidently bought the wrong paint, so ceiling done and we’ve put one coat on, but will now have to finish next weekend when we get then right paint!


      1. I’m very lucky that I work from home. yes, unfortunately part time still often means a dog would get left too long. Hopefully life will shift round for you to have one in the not too distant future.

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  4. It’s always good to have the guest room ready to go – especially when you blog – you never know who might turn up 🙂 Mr Hicks looks so happy with his wee adventure, it is so lovely that he still wants to go have them. I’ve never seen a fungi like that before – but I have seen lots of photos coming out of the UK this week with that same foggy, wet look. It must be everywhere!

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  5. I love the brilliant autumn colors, but that misty shot is so wonderful! Mr. Hicks, poor little buddy – but he looks like such a happy fellow. My hubby and I are both suffering dog withdrawals so we may have one sooner rather than later…. That fungus is enormous – at first glance it looked like hydrangea!


  6. Some wonderful photos there, Bekki. The primrose is striking for being there in the first place, and that fungus is magnificent – definitely a wow factor there! The landscape after the rain is beginning to look more like winter, although it hasn’t been very cold, as yet. As for poor old Mr.Hicks, he hasn’t realised he has to slow down nowadays. It must be so hard for him after being so active all his life. Enjoy your decorating, too.


  7. It may be gray and misty there, but I do love the bright greens–they make the gray skies easier to cope with, I think. I’m happy to hear HRH is feeling better, even if it does mean he overdoes it sometimes. And what an interesting fungus; I love the otherworldly forms they take.

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  8. Look at that mist! It makes for nice photos though 🙂 Mr Hicks makes me laugh…we still don’t let Maisy off leash here as there are far too many squirrels to chase, and this week she’s been trying to get the frogs! He looks like he’s had a great time wherever he went anyway!

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    1. It was a very ghostly mist that day 🙂 Hicks was a real chaser when he was younger, but he’s a big dog, so I couldn’t keep him on the lead. Which meant I’ve always ended up taking him to big forests, where he can chase, but not end up on a road.

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  9. Lovely busy week, despite the rainy damp weather. I would not mind some rainy weather here, its another hot day here.
    Glad to see Mr Hicks getting better. They do love the outdoors, dont they.
    All the guest with the work in the guest bedroom, its a lot of fun normally, but still lots of work. 🙂
    Have a good week.

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    1. Am trying to blow the clouds your way. Oh yes, Mr Hicks has always known how to have a party outdoors, although he’s as good as gold in the house. I’m so happy he’s feeling better, just hoping it will last. You have a good week too x

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      1. Please go right ahead and blow then my way. I really dont mind. 🙂
        Mr Hicks is so cute. So glad he is feeling better, one does not like it when they are not themselves.
        My dog I only allow on a leash, as she goes of running and I cant catch up. She is not good at the return journey. It becomes a find and seek. 🙂

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      2. Sorry to hear that, but more important to keep her safe. Mr Hicks has such a good nose, he really doesn’t hear when you call if he’s chasing after something – but once he realises he’s lost you he’s really keen to come back.

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