NaKniSweMo, NaKnitMo or just knitting?

As many of you know, NaKniSweMo is a challenge to knit a sweater in the month of November.  NaKnitMo is challenging yourself to knit  a certain number of stitches in November.

King Cole Cotton Yarn

For my dollar, NaKniSweMo seems like madness. Don’t get me wrong, Great if NaKniSweMo works for you. But in November I have enough Christmas preparations to attend to, without volunteering for a new big knitting project.  On top of that I’ve got enough WIPs that it would be great to finish in 2015.

NaKnitMo, however, hits the other end of my sanity scale. It makes me ask:

‘Okay, what am I going to knit to achieve my goal?’

This question induces me to survey all my knitting projects, including what’s languishing at the bottom of my heap of WIPs/UFOS.


A sense of enthusiasm and excitement builds as I recognise, if I work hard, I might be able to finish several projects in 2015  and use my New Year’s enthusiasm to start some lovely new knitting in 2016.

My competitive voice also asks…

‘ How can in squeeze more knitting in to knit as many stitches in November as possible?’

This theoretically helps me identify more time to knit – although heaven knows I squeeze knitting in so many gaps already, that may be a challenge too far.

maybe I can learn to knit with my knees as I drive?
Maybe I can learn to knit with my knees while I drive?

Despite my bias towards NaKnitMo, I do believe both NaKniSweMo and NaKnitMo are great challenges. But I also believe before taking on either we should have a good look around and ask:

Is this really a good idea?

Of course NaKniSweMo and NaKnitMo were inspired by NaNoWriMo. I’ve worked with many clients who’ve taken part in NaNoWriMo, who have had amazing and enlightening, even life changing (yes, I’m serious) experiences, – but again results depend on who you are and where you are.

So where are you? Have you ever taken part in NaNoWriMo, or any of the other challenges it has inspired? If you have, have they helped or hindered? Are you taking part on one this year? If so, how’s it going?

I’d love to know.

Bekki Hill

30 thoughts on “NaKniSweMo, NaKnitMo or just knitting?

  1. Both of those spin offs are new to me but we are holding a NaNoWriMo Write In every Friday in November and we are a yarn shop so I certainly see the connection :). It’s from 5-9pm, organised by my NaNoWriMo addict of a daughter who at 15 is on her second year and taking it very seriously. As for me, I think I’m going to look at the WIP pile and work on that!!! Maybe next year for NaNoSweMo!!!

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    1. Yes, maybe sweaters next year when we’re all organised, have Christmas sorted and no WIP 😉 Great to hear you’re holding Write ins. Didn’t know you did NaNo – it’s interesting how many knitters do both. Inpressed with daughter’s friend!


  2. lol. I am not that diligent for starters, and then I swap between projects and WIP’s to often. And of course, our weather also has in influence. 🙂 When its to hot, I will embroider or such.
    I take my hat of the those going for this challenge. 🙂

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      1. Most knitters here also knit all year, projects just vary. 🙂 From April is our cooler months, but our weather is much milder in the winter.
        I started a blanket, so I should be working on it on and off during the summer. But I wont be so good and finish in a month, I knit to slow as it is. 🙂

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      2. Until I started blogging, I never dreamed a knitter wouldn’t knit all year whatever their climate. I see now though that when it’s very hot, the last thing you want is a wool blanket draped over you.

        You’ve now got me thinking too. I wonder if we’re more productive in the UK and/or have a higher percentage of knitters that milder climates, because we so often have such miserable summers?

        Nothing wrong with slow knitting, it’s enjoying it that matters 🙂

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      3. Lol. Yes, I tend to knit less in summer, and work on crochet and needle projects, like embroidery, etc. Some summer days are not good knitting, as everything just feels to hot.
        I wonder too. I definitely think Northern Hemisphere knitters knit a lot more, specially goodies like hats and mittens. You need a bigger supply for the winter, where we only need about half as much. 🙂
        I love to knit. It’s so rewarding to it come along as you progress.

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  3. I can’t even say the words.

    I remember, back in the early 90s, there was a fad for knitting very large, loose stitch sweaters on huge needles. One of those might be achievable, if unwearable.

    You could be one of those people – snapped by a passing cyclist and vilified on YouTube – who are doing something unsuitable whilst driving. Somebody eating their bowl of breakfast cereal at the wheel went viral – somebody knitting could only be better 😉

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  4. I am reluctant to participate in challenges – mostly because of my lack of stickability. I could never knit a whole jumper in a month.

    However – I do think it is a good idea to set challenges now and then so I have been compiling a list for November. It is getting the balance right – not too difficult that you can’t keep it up – I journal and started with a diary, but some days I just couldn’t – and going back to blank pages reminded me of failure. now its just a book, I write the date and there are no blank pages to reprimand my lack of stickability.

    I think the best goals are well thought out and individual, but with a friend in the know to keep you on track. I also think an element of ‘failure’ planning helps – how often have diets been abandoned because of one slip? its getting back on the horse and keeping focussed. But it has to be something you believe in and want to do.

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    1. It’s a wise woman who knows herself. I totally agree. I think the most important thing when you do these things is observing yourself, so you learn what works and what doesn’t work for you. The friend thing is an important point you make too – although of course you need one firm enough.

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  5. Actually, this post made me realize that the end of the year is sneaking up already and reminded me to refocus my efforts toward finishing certain personal projects before the new year! Thank you! I had to laugh about the learning to drive with your knees. Haha! Ps: That red ball of yarn looks huge – did the camera distort it slightly or is it a novelty size? I had not heard of the writing challenge, but I will be googling it out of curiousity. Enjoyed the post! Take care!

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    1. Starting The NaKnitMo had exactly the same impact of me realising how close the end of the year was. So useful not just to spur on my knitting :-). The ball was big – 400gs Glad you enjoyed the post. You take good care too x

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  6. I have no idea what the bits stand for in the bame, so no I’m not doing it either – the pressure is on getting what I’ve got going to the finish line… I’m on my fourth or fifth do over of the pink bamboo top and in the end changed patterns as it just didn’t fit properly…….. I’m a wreck already 🙂 My youngest was inconveniently born two days before Christmas and this year is a big celebration for her and of course I decided to make something special for that ……… We definitely need more hours in the day!!

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  7. When I counted yesterday I had (ahem) 14 wips and have already written well over 200 000 words this year, enough for me for the time being 🙂 I LOVE watching other people do these challenges though! I want to see you knit and drive!! :))

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  8. I think you’ve got something when you say the month is wrong for some people. Many parents are up to their eyes with Christmas related tasks at this time of year. I’ve spent hours in the past making costumes for Christmas plays, although, I admit, I had several lots to make with having a big family. For people who have the time, NaKnitMo sounds like a good idea. I’ve knitted relatively simple sweaters in less than a month and would take part in this if it were possible. A patterned one should still be doable (I think!).

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