Sunday Sevens #60

Sunday’s here again, so time for another #sundaysevens. Sunday sevens was devised by Nat at Thread and Bobbins| – the idea is you post seven photos of snippets of your personal week. For me this week has been a quiet, but pleasant one, with a definite sense of the year drawing  to a close…

  1. Our trees have been a bit behind everyone up country’s, but they’re really rocking their colours now…

Autumn Trees

2. Still the wind and rain has brought a lot of leaves down, so I’ve been busy clearing them…

Autumn leaves

3. It rained so much even Mr Hicks had to use the bridge…

20151030_14 - Copy

4. We’ve had some beautiful bright days too. Always think this looks like a surf board – but in the middle of the woods?

Ball Hill Okehampton

5. I never buy expensive toilet roll, but was tempted this week…

Andrex puppies

6. Our monthly craft group met up on Friday to make Christmas cards…

Christmas card

7. Getting there slowly with Lovely Eldest’s Christmas jumper – 300 stitches to a round seems to take forever.

Christmas Jumper

Hope you’ve had  a great week!

Bekki Hill


32 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #60

  1. Crikey, what do you do with all your fallen leaves, you need a ginormous compost heap! The scenerys’s stunning as the colours are changing and you’re definitely catching us northerners up. Love the red if the jumper 😀

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  2. A nice mix of productivity and leisurely walks this week, and some great photos to illustrate it. You could do with a garden vac for all those leaves. My husband had one for years (it’s given up the ghost now) and it saved a lot of time. He bought it when we lived in a house with a garden full of silver birch trees. The numger of small leaves was unbelievable. All our leaves go on the compost heap (or ‘muck ‘ill’ as my Yorkshire husband calls it).
    The small stream after the rain is wonderful. I love to see a bit of turbulence. As for the ‘surf board’ … who’s that peepinf from behind it? Great photo! 🙂

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  3. I love the picture of the moving stream. What a beautiful walk that must be. Is it close to where you live or a bit of a drive? Great Christmas card – my sister in law makes crafty cards and they are wonderful to get – I save all of them. We have a lot of trees in our yard so we also rake a lot, but I have to say I enjoy that chore. Any excuse to be outside and moving in that fresh air. And I don’t lose sleep over it if I can’t get to it right away. There is a charm in the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot, and my guess is that it nourishes the soil. 🙂 Great progress on the sweater!

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    1. Thank you. The walk is behind the houses of the village we live in 🙂 WE are right on the moor, so lots of walks straight from home, but Hicks likes to chase the sheep, so I often end up taking him further afield. I like raking the leaves too, but it’s very time consuming 😦


  4. Mr. T is outside raking up the leaves from our terrace as I type. I mentioned yesterday that, if it rains our drains will get blocked and ‘we’ ought to get out there and move them. I’ll put the kettle on though 😉

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  5. Your driveway looks pretty much the same as ours atm we have the perfect downhill pathway for all the leaves to muster from our neighbour’s trees 😦 Looking at those rapids…who can blame Mr Hicks for using the bridge??!

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  6. Lovely Autumn scenery, a blue sky makes all the difference, doesn’t it? The jumpers looking great – on the home straight now! I never seem to have time to make Christmas cards so always buy them from Cancer Research. I NEVER, however, buy cheap loo roll ever since that time I poked my fingers through it whilst using it……

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