Sunday Sevens #59

Sundays seem to come around so quickly. Time for another #sundaysevens. Sunday sevens was devised by Nat at Thread and Bobbins| – the idea is you post seven photos of snippets of your personal week. Here’s mine from this week…

  1. Last Sunday we drove south, stopping at the Cliff Top Café at Whitsand Bay for lunch and, what turned out to be, the best breakfast baguette I’ve ever had…

Breakfast baguette

2. We then drove on to Tregantle Beach. This is a Ministry of Defence property and access is occasionally prohibited when the firing range is in use. This is a beautiful unspoilt rural beach – unless, of course they’re using the firing range. Maybe I’m just too wool obsessed but thought these rocks looked like a sheep.

Sheep Rock

3. The weather stayed clear and bright at the beginning of the week for Hicks and I to enjoy more beautiful sunny autumnal walks.

20151020_1135044. Found these unusual fungi on a tree stump. No idea what they are.


5. While it was still warmish, I gave Hicks a bath and a trim. He’s sulking here because he doesn’t like having his hair cut – or maybe he’s just embarrassed it’s been cut by his mum.


6. In an attempt to get back on track with the weight loss, I cleared the house of  chocolate, only to be thwarted by the discovery of a pot of Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer.

Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup

7. On Friday one of my writer chums, down on holiday from the big smoke , dropped in with her dog, Mickey.


Hicks was so excited to see them he made me look like a total liar about his health, by bouncing around like a puppy and having a lovely long walk. Unfortunately, he still has the UTI and the vet had to ‘draw off’ some urine for analysis. Poor chap!

Hope you’ve had a great week!

Bekki Hill

40 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #59

      1. Artists are never fully appreciated or understood in their lifetime. I hardly use my hairdryer and when I did in front of my dog they looked at me with a why is that on you and not me, just like at the groomers?

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  1. Poor Mr Hicks, but he is a trooper! Makes you wonder if the vets just planning a big holiday and is after your money!! Now that’s a proper brekkie! I think even I would struggle to get my laughing tackle round that!! 🙂

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    1. He is and I really do admire him. Our vets are wonderful. I know a lot of people think vets do a lot make money, but Mr Hicks has had such bad health throughout his life and he’s really been making it hard to diagnose what’s up at the moment. He’s certainly not showing classic symptoms 😦

      As for the baguette, I was so hungry, it slid down very easily.

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  2. I think you are very brave to trim Mr Hicks yourself! Sorry to hear he’s still got the UTI though…we think that Maisy might be starting with her second one too :-/ I’m going to keep an eye on her for a couple of days and take her to the vet if she doesn’t get any better! I think she is getting them when her hair is longer so she’s off to the groomers too this week!
    I can also see the sheep in the rocks! It looks very Autumnal where you are walking – perfect for pictures!

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  3. I wonder if Mr. Hicks got to sample a bit of the breakfast baguette – if so I think he would be of the same opinion as you too – It did look very yummy. Great week and another feather to your bow as a dog groomer 😉

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  4. Wow, how long did it take to trim Mr Hicks? I’ve only got tiny Yorkies and they still go to the groomer. I’m curious about ‘drawing down some urine’ although I suspect it’s not a pleasant experience, poor thing. I had to laugh at you throwing out the chocolate but failing at the last hurdle with the ice cream! I don’t have a sweet tooth at all, but savoury is my downfall and I have very little willpower when confronted with gooey Brie or the like:)

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    1. About an hour. He sleeps through most of it. I just have to turn him over half way and make him sit/stand at the end. Oh yeah, and then a week of snipping occasionally at the bits I missed. Yes to your suspicions – Mr Hill was traumatised just hearing that they didn’t give him anaesthetic to do it.
      I could manage some gooey Brie too!


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