Suggestions for improvement please – Gingerbread Man Christmas Jumper

I have to admit it’s a little odd to find yourself quietly wondering which of your friends is the tallest. However it’s distinctly weird to catch yourself considering their bust sizes. And knocking on their front door to confess you’ve been doing it is downright stalkerish. However, when I knocked on my friend Ruth’s front door and told her exactly this, she greeted my confession with her usual infectious enthusiasm.

Of course, I hadn’t meant to behave like this when I started back in March.


Yes, March – it’s taken me that long.  But then it was boring boring stocking stitch all the way to yoke – which I’ve already moaned about more than enough this last couple of weeks.

I also was thinking I had almost all year to finish it, given it was a Christmas jumper for Lovely Youngest. But as the end of August raced into view, I realised that if I was going to knit Lovely Eldest a Christmas jumper too, I needed to get my needles flying.

Thankfully, buy the time I had this thought, the stocking stitch was all but done. But as I raced on with the exciting bit, I had a second realisation…

Stylecraft Special Aran - Moss

Super skinny, Lovely Littlest lives in London. No way I could I fit into her jumper to model it on the blog. And I couldn’t get her to model it early, as I wanted to give it to her as a surprise closer to Christmas. So this is where Ruth came in…

My tadah! for Lovely Littlest’s Christmas jumper that I designed all by myself…

Gingerbread Man Christmas Jumper
If it’s looking a wee bit long in the body and the sleeves that’s because, at six foot tall, Lovely Littlest is six inches taller than Ruth


Overall I’m pleased, although I’m not mad on the colour – but Lovely Littlest loves green and it is a better colour in real life.

What I’m not happy with is that I seem to have created a bit of ‘texture’ weaving the yarn between the gingerbread men.

20150922_135704 (1)

Again this does look better in real life, but I’d be interested in anyone’s thoughts on how I could have improved it a little more. I know giving each gingerbread man his own ball of yarn would have been better, but this was impossible as it’s worked in the round.

I didn’t notice it before, but my reindeer jumper’s the same, just doesn’t show up as much. I think this is down to the colour of the yarns and the reindeer being closer together and the colours being more broken up?

Reindeer Jumper Drops Designs

I’ve knitted traditional fair isle yokes in the past and never had this problem – so again I’m thinking the ‘texture’ is because the gingerbread men are a bigger solid patch of colour with a bigger gap between than fair isle patterns?

I’d be grateful for anyone’s thoughts on this or any other observations.

Bekki Hill

49 thoughts on “Suggestions for improvement please – Gingerbread Man Christmas Jumper

  1. If I’d managed to knit a whole jumper like that (or in fact a whole jumper of any description) I certainly wouldn’t be worrying about a bit of ‘texture’ which I wouldn’t have noticed either if you hadn’t mentioned it! I love the gingerbread men!

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  2. Stranded knitting is all about tension and blocking. Your tention was a little too tight there It will improve in wearing too but you might want to block carefully. But hey, perfection leads to pain and it is a great and very special sweater!
    Your daughter is beautiful and she belongs to ‘my’ tribe of the long limbed people;0) Does she mind being so tall? I never minded being over 6 foot but my sister always had a hard time with it. xo Johanna
    ps the designs are lovely and very jolly!!!

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    1. Hello! Thanks for the advice – maybe a second more aggressive blocking will help things. I’ll slacken out my tension a bit on lovely Eldest’s and hopefully that will be better.

      Thank you for such lovely comments about my daughter. She’s mostly very positive. She’s a very positive person anyway and I’m exactly the same height as her, so have always worked to help her find the positive as well as being able to pre-empt potential problems and empathetic. xx


  3. The gingerbread man jumper is great and I’m sure your daughter will love it, ‘texture’ weaving and all. I’m sure it won’t show up that much in reality.The green is lovely, too, and was modelled beautifully by Ruth. As for your reindeer jumper, that’s really something!

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      1. I know what you mean. I’m fortunate in that I keep my weight down nowadays (perhaps unfortunate because I rarely indulge in the treats I love). But my weight stays down. I think after my dad dying of a heart attack and my brother already having had one, I’m a bit paranoid about carrying too much weight.

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      2. Sorry to hear about your dad and your brother. Well done with the weight though. My problem is that Mr Hicks used to take me for really good walks, so I never thought about it, but now I need to do more exercise independently – weather doesn’t help, but it’s also time. Hicks still takes pretty much as long to walk, so it’s extra to find 😦

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      3. Good for you. Mr Hicks is still really good some days and I do some extra exercise now. The real problem is I need to doo more to loose the weight I put on last year when he had an operation on his knee which he had to build up exercise from nothing really slowly over six months.

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      4. It’s lovely to have a dog to walk with. We said that once all of our many pets eventually died, we wouldn’t have any more – simply because we like to go away so much. Mr. Hicks has certainly had a lot to endure since last year, then, poor thing. Hope he’s at least feeling happy right now. Didn’t I see an exercise bike on one of your posts a while back? That’s a great way to get your exercise without going anywhere. We used to have a rowing machine as well. We’ve given both away now because my ‘gammy’ knees won’t let me do either cycling or rowing (all that bending of the knees absolutely kills!). Anyway, as for weight loss, the old saying about diet affecting weight and exercise affecting shape is absolutely true. It’s a good regime of both you probably need. (Isn’t that so easy to say?) I wish you success with it all, Bekki.A good incentive is to remember just how few weeks it is until Christmas.

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      5. It is lovely to have a dog to walk with and it gets you out whatever the weather. But I know what you mean, it does cramp your style. Sorry to hear about the knees. I guess you just have to manage things. Hicks is on tramadol again now for his. He can’t have any other pain killers because of all the other meds he’s on. Yes, thanks, he is very happy despite still having a urine infection – he totally made me look like a liar yesterday when a friend from London dropped in on her hols and he bounded after her car as she drove in then mounted her leg very enthusiastically when she got out!! And then we went for a really good walk with her dog. Yes, you did see a bike – it’s my husband’s old one on a turbo trainer – must say I’d rather go out in the real world on one, so only been using it when the weather’s rubbish. Hoping to start going out again next week, although I still haven’t completely shaken this cold still 😦

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      6. I quite agree – nothing like fresh air. As for Mr. Hicks, perhaps he was out to impress your friend. She didn’t happen to have a dishy looking bitch (as in female dog 🙂 ) with her, did she? He’d soon forget any aches and pains in that case. Lol.

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      7. Ha Ha! No, she had her young male dog, who is probably still the key – Mr Hicks is a very sociable chap and still very excitable despite his ills. He does like to impress the ladies though 🙂

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  4. I adore the gingerbread men!! So much. ❤️❤️❤️ I have always wanted to knit and wear a Christmas jumper, unfortunately here it’s usually scorching hot bikini weather on Christmas day. But if I could wear one it would be just like that! So beautiful!! 🙂

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  5. No suggestions from me, I haven’t done any ‘picture’ knitting for yonks, although I remember having to be very careful with tension when weaving the different colours in as has been said above. I adore both the gingerbread men and the reindeer.- especially their little red noses – and anybody who says they don’t must be a little bit loopy.

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  6. Both of the sweaters are beautiful, and I am so impressed with your gingerbread sweater design. Sounds like you’ve gotten some good advice from some of the previous commenters on how to perfect your techniques. The sweaters already look so lovely – good for you for always looking to learn more. You are really fine-tuning your craft/mastery now! 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I think it’s easy to get rusty too. I used to make a lot of picture jumpers etc when the girls were small, but then they get too old for that sort of thing and I’ve done no colour work that I can recall for years now 😦 xx


  7. I think both jumpers are great and very cool too! I would never have even noticed your ‘weaving’ as you call it. Sorry I don’t know any remedies either as you know I’m not in the least technical when it comes to knitting, but I do know when I like lovely handmade things. I bet both your girls will love them 🙂

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