Not so boring stocking stitch

I’d like to say thank you to everyone for their support last Tuesday, when I was bemoaning having loads of boring boring stocking stitch to knit. Thanks especially to Sewchet, who pointed out all I needed was a good bit of telly to get lost in.

So, two episodes of Apprentice – thank you Sir Alan for coming back just when I needed you – most of  Have I Got News for You, The Ten O’clock News, the film About Time – with breaks for blubbing in the appropriate places – and a couple of car journeys and I’ve finished the final three inches of the first sleeve and knitted all of the second! 🙂


Thanks again everyone! 🙂 Now to join it all together!

Bekki Hill

23 thoughts on “Not so boring stocking stitch

  1. Very timely post – I’m just about to put needle to knitting to sew up a stocking stitch number – my least favourite bit. However, the one I’m about to do is for a 3-6 month baby so not quite so bad! Better not watch T.V. while I’m doing it as the probability of a sleeve going in upside down is not beyond the realms 😉

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    1. Me too! I thought that was only me! 🙂 Even hearing a theme song can make me think of the sweater or whatever I was knitting, and looking at the sweater makes me think of the show…that’s why am always careful about what I watch 🙂 funny stuff only while knitting! Then it will always make me smile 😀

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      1. Thanks Sharon. Must say I can’t read and listen to music at the same time, so never experienced that one – although of course music very good at taking us back to the time when we were listening to it 🙂

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  2. I enjoyed hearing about the progress of those sleeves, Bekki, and the telly progs and car journeys that kept the boredom away. Sticking stitch requires no concentration at all, and is ideal for a good bit of blubbing – or even watching anything remotely educational on TV, Hope it sews up well and you haven’t got one sleeve 6 inches longer than the other while your mind was otherwiswe engaged. 😀


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  3. Glad I’m not the only one that uses watching tv as an excuse to do some knitting. Although I’m having to take it easy at the moment as my hands are hurting but I am about half way up two sleeves which have one small cable in them and the rest is stockinette (although they are being knit flat) and they are really boring me…

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    1. Sorry to hear your hands are hurting. If I’m knitting flat I always knit the sleeves after the back, so the last part is the front, which is at least quicker if not more interesting. Am definitely keeping an eye on how much stocking stitch I take on board next year. Good luck with those sleeves.


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