Sunday Sevens #58

It’s Sunday again, so time for another #sundaysevens. Sunday sevens – the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins| – is about posting seven photos of snippets of your personal week. Here’s mine…

Our return from holiday was greeted by gloriously sunny but rather chilly weather. Lovely to have a hot couple of weeks away – especially after this year’s grotty summer – but two weeks is enough for me and I’ve loved embracing this week’s sunny start to autumn and going back to normal experiences…

  1. We turned the aga back on…
Night storage electric aga
Nothing beats cooking on an aga and so lovely to come home to a toasty warm kitchen when it’s chilly.

2. Lit the wood burner in the evenings…


3. Went for walks with Mr Hicks…


4. It was so sunny I washed and dried all the holiday washing – plus our bedding – without a glance at the tumble dryer…


5. The scaffolding is finally down, the painters have gone and it’s quite again…


6. Unfortunately our usual often includes lots of trips to the vet. This week was no exception – Mr Hicks now has a UTI – we still aren’t at the bottom of what’s making his heartbeat slow, but most of the time you wouldn’t notice there’s a thing wrong.


7.  And just to prove everything’s back to normal, as usual, we lost the pub quiz…

Lovely husband is showing you the Lego model that we were tasked to build of the village war memorial. We scored 4/5 because the top of the cross should have had one more brick on top.
Lovely husband is showing you the Lego model, that we were tasked to build, of the village war memorial. We scored 4/5 because the top of the cross should have had one more brick on top.

Hope you’ve had a great week!

Bekki Hill

44 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #58

      1. Actually I was trying to find that out this morning, what do you clean the top with? I usually wet surfaces and let the water do the hard work, but it just evaporates! What do you clean the top with? Ours has been really beaten about and there is a dreadful looking wire brush that i can’t bring myself to use!

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      2. I confess I usually just clean it with washing up water when it’s on – and make the best of it. Because we turn ours off for the summer I then clean it with cif when it’s cold, but several times over a period of time. I did buy some expensive aga ceramic cleaner but I lost it before I used it. Yes, I know, how do you loose a bottle of cleaner? No idea, but it’s vanished. Do you keep yours on all the time for hot water? There must be an answer. Maybe write to aga? Do tell me the answer if you find out.

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  1. Oh dear Mr.Hicks! Hope he feels better soon! Your home looks so lovely and cosy – I’m super jealous of the Aga & wood burner! And I’ve just seen that your Husband is from Sheffield…that’s where I’m from too!!

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    1. Yes, Sunday Seven’s is a wonderful idea. I really enjoy both posting and reading others.
      Agas were originally invented to do ‘everything’ run central heating, cook, heat hot water, do every sort of cooking. You’re even supposed to be able to use them for ironing! I’ve never tried that. You can even ‘incubate’ orphaned lambs in the coolest of the four ovens – I know people who do that! Mine isn’t attached to water or heating – apart from heating the area it’s in – although it does permeate through the adjacent rooms and saves me putting the central heating on unless it’s very cold. I cook on it, including boiling the kettle and making toast.

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  2. Aww, this is just perfect. Love your stove and fireplace. Way to hot for my part of the world though. You are very fortunate. I would love to have such great weather to have such beauties.
    Great walk, and I love your home. It really does look peaceful now.
    Hope Mr Hicks is better soon as well, never nice when your furry children is unwell.
    Nice one with the pub quiz, Will keep my fingers crossed for next time. 🙂

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      1. 🙂 I in return would love some of your weather. So nice and cool, not to mention that you get snow as well. How great. I would not mind at all.
        Hey, you never know. Maybe SA fingers being crossed is just what you need. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sharon. There was so much rot in the window frames and the veranda was a lot worse than we originally though – might have been cheaper/easier to have knocked it down and started again! Yes, Hicks is happy and enjoys life most of the time just worrying what’s bubbling away underneath 😦 You have a great week too xx

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  3. I envy you your aga. We haven’t got one in our present house as there was a new double-ovened stove when we moved in, so we left it at that. But I share your love of the wood burner – although ours is actually an multi-fuel burner. We have wood/timber for the next umpteen years stacked outside, so we tend to stick to that. It’s been lovely drying washing outside this October, but I can’t see the good weather lasting much longer. November’s looming (and dark nights! Oh no!). Your two weeks of sunshine was just what you needed before winter arrives. Lovely photos, as always, Bekki. Best wishes to Mr. Hicks. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Millie. You’re right, the clocks go back next week. We too have loads of wood and I’m waiting for the tree surgeon to come to deal with more poorly trees and one that’s blocking the light a lot, so we’re sorted for the next upteem years too 🙂

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      1. That’s how we goy most of our wood. We live next to a farm and the old farmer has had several huge trees cut down – all for good reasons, not just because he didn’t like them. But Nick’s good with a chain saw, and he was happy to cut them up once they were down. 🙂

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      2. These are all our trees. There was massive ash that had to come down when we first moved in and several other smaller bits had to come of other neglected trees. As for chainsaws, my hubby’s in seventh heaven when he’s wheedling his. In fact he’s been complaining the tree surgeon isn’t here yet .

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      3. Our garden isn’t big enough for really big trees, unlike yours. We hope to move sometime soon for that reason – wanting a bigger garden, I mean. Goodness knows where we’ll end up next time. Your garden looks wonderful!

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      4. I imagine we’ll move towards Lincoln. I desperately need somewhere with better internet connection. As I keep screaming: in this village it’s dire! It might be a pretty village, but I NEED the internet! Rant over… 🙂

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    1. Thanks for Hicks’ hugs, he sends you snuggles back. I think agas were invented in Sweeden in the 1920s. They’re very much a rural England thing. Don’t know what other countries have them. My daughter’s Dutch boyfriend certainly hadn’t heard of them either.You have a great week too xx


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