Sunday Sevens #56

It’s Sunday again, so time for another #sundaysevens – the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins. Sunday sevens is seven photos of snippets of your personal week.

Nothing special to show you this week, so I thought I’d share seven views of Meldon Viaduct. This is the turn around point on my regular cycle ride close to the disused quarry and railway siding. The view is spectacular, but impossible to replicate on a phone camera.

1.Meldon Viaduct

2. 20150428_083509










Hope you’ve had a great week,

Bekki Hill

30 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #56

  1. They’re all great photos, Bekki, and the views over the Devonshire countryside are beautiful. We’ve all had some wonderful weather this week – ideal for bike rides. We’re forecast rain for tomorrow, so that’s a bit of a party pooper. The comment above about the sign is so true. It’s typical of English ‘politeness’. I’m not sure that more recent ones are quite so chatty, though. 🙂

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