Sunday Sevens #55

It’s Sunday again, so time for another #sundaysevens – the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins. Sunday sevens is seven photos of snippets of your personal week.

  1. Last Sunday we went for a walk along the coast path at Wembury. It was very cloudy but warm and there were lots of small children on the beach and in the sea. Wembury Great Mewstone

2. Mr Hicks found himself a nice piece of seaweed to chew.

20150920_131454 (1)

3. Back home Colin put in another appearance – challenging Lovely Husband for his place on the settee.


4. I often drive past this house in Okehampton, but for once I was walking, so took a picture…


5.   Accidently bought this…

Rosie's Moments

6. Nice and sunny at the end of the week, but signs of autumn creeping in.

20150924_124406 (2)

7.  Several of you have been kind enough to ask after Mr Hicks and his current health issue. So not a highlight of my week, but to let you know, he had a heart scan and chest x-rays on Wednesday. The vet saw nothing special on the xray and his heart looks in good shape. There’s still the fact that his heart rate was very low – although we can’t catch it that way now – and he sometimes doesn’t want a walk or much of a walk. My vet isn’t a heart specialist, but as there’s nothing looking too bad, they don’t think there’s any imminent problem. He’ll probably have 24 hour heart monitor in the next few weeks, so the saga continues, but pleased to report nothing hideous spotted.

Nicky 7

Hope you’ve had a great week,

Bekki Hill

39 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #55

  1. OOO! Think I would have given Colin the whole sofa ;-/ Not a great fan of eight legged s. What a happy colourful accident you bought. Hope you can get to the bottom of Mr. Hicks…sending him a )))BIG HUG((( 🙂


  2. Mr Hicks looks very happy despite his slow heart rate and lack of wishing to walk – he actually sounds a little like me some days! I hope he stays happy. WOW! The house is painted so cleverly – that is eyecatching. And your attack of accidental shopping? Nothing a good pair of needles won’t fix! Have another great week Bekki!

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  3. Poor Mr. Hicks, my heart goes out to you – I know how horrible it feels when your pet is unwell. I can’t get over how beautiful that mural on the house is. It’s seriously divine and I bet it’s a real talking point in the village.

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    1. Thank you – although unfortunately there is still something wrong – but feel a lot better that they think there’s nothing imminent about to happen or to deal with. Not sure about the yarn – was a real impulse buy.

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  5. Hehe, I had a bit of an accident today in the secondhand bookshop!! Colin would not have lasted long enough for photo in our house, spiders only survive in our house if they a) small, b) not dark black or c) Josh is about to take them outside! I did a double take on the Okehampton house photo, its fantastic. Have a great week Bekki. xx

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  6. I take it that Lovely Husband’s not a fan of Colin – or perhaps he just doesn’t want to squash him? The other pics are all great again, and I’m pleased the news is ‘sort of’ good for Mr.Hicks. I’m sure you’ll keep us informed. I like the artwork in Okehampton, too. Very scenic. I haven’t been to Okehampton since 1996 (when we lived in Crediton for a while).
    It’s funny how you can accidentally manage to buy wool, Bekki. I’d see the doctor about that, if I were you. 🙂

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  7. Sweet Mr.Hicks – he looks like such a dear dog, and how lucky he is to have such a caring friend as you, who cares for him so kindly. As for Colin… Yikes, he looks pretty big!! Glad the weather has been warm for you guys. The picture of that house is beautiful. I wonder if the owner hired someone or actually did it him/ her self. Take care and have a great week, Bekki. Xo

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    1. Thank you. He is a sew heart – but then most dogs are great, just their humans that cause the problems. Interesting question about the house. There is another one with a mural in Okehampton too – will have to see if anyone knows?


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