Two steps forward one step back

The obvious problem with having a car knitting project, is that if you don’t go very far it doesn’t get knitted very quickly. This has been the case for my colour block sweater, started at the beginning of August. Having only completed the back as far as the cast off for the neck and shoulder, and a third of the front, I pulled it out last Saturday.

But on Saturday I decided I wanted it to be tunic rather than sweater. So I knitted another heap of boring stocking stitch rows on the back.

Stocking Stitch

Sunday evening, I sat down to work out how I wanted to knit the neck and shoulders. But each time I calculated, I got a different answer. Tired and full of cold, I couldn’t be bothered to go get my phone or a calculator and continued to work it out on paper.


Finally I was sure I had it right and knitted on, following my calculations. But when I got to the last few rows, it was clear I’d miscalculated. Still, it wasn’t that bad. A bit of blocking and jiggery-pokery with the front would be fine.

But one look on Monday told me it was NOT fine.

Note to self:

If your head’s full of cold, you can’t think straight and you can’t calculate – especially without a calculator. Under these circumstances just sit and knit something simple until you feel better.

2nd Note to self:

However cross you are, still take  picture of your cock-up for your blog post.

I frogged it back and recalculated. Almost immediately I had the answer. I checked on my phone (twice) then began knitting. Finally I had it right! Well, at least until I decide I don’t like it that way.


As for the front, I’d already completed about a 1/3. But when I looked at that, I decided I didn’t like it and frogged right back to the start and knitted this much Tuesday/Wednesday.


So that’s been my week’s knitting. Hope yours has been more clear headed.

Bekki Hill

38 thoughts on “Two steps forward one step back

  1. Lately I’ve been undoing and starting again, undoing and starting again because I don’t follow patterns properly or at all. I know the frustration – and so excellent of you to record the process on behalf of all us slow processors! 🙂 However it seems that all’s well that ends well [as William S once said] I love what you have come up with and can’t wait to see it finished!!

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  2. You are so patient, I guess you need to be when you create your own patterns! In my attempts to do more of my own patterns I am slowly learning that there is a benefit to frogging but I hate ripping out all of that time I spent on it. It is looking great and I love the blocks of colour. I hope you are feeling better. x

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  3. I do love the new version, colors and all! I also have frogged, ripped out, Bailey’s Blanket! I wasn’t happy with the way I had added yarn and joined on two sections! whew, I survived! I had tangle yarn and such. lol I now feel I have learned a great lesson, besides patience. It is looking much better the second time around! I hope you feel better! 🙂

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  4. Short term pain, long term gain. I’ve just had to frog a load of crochet squares when I realised the cream was from 2 different dye lots and it stuck out a mile! I never realised there could be such a difference in a mass produced cotton yarn. I had the cold last weekend. Downright miserable!

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    1. sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. Hope you’re better How annoying about the dye lots. I was told recently that different dye lots aren’t a problem these days because computers mix them, but I guess maybe the cotton was a but different in each batch.


  5. Well, Bekki, you deserve a medal for perseverance after this session – especially coping with that awful cold at the same time. I like the new version a lot, but am now wondering how long it will be before you hoik it all out again. 😀 (‘Frogging out’ is a phrase I hadn’t heard of until I read it on your posts). I love the cabling down the middle, but then, I’ve always been a fan of cable stitch. Hope the cold has abated enough to allow you to enjoy the weekend. 🙂

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      1. Thank you! That’s very generous of you. I’ll remember to attibute it to you, of course. 😀
        My WOW posts seem to revolve around how well I can illustrate them now. When I did my first one, I followed Heena’s example and just wrote about the word. Before I did my second one, I realised how boring that looked and started finding good pics. Now, even Heena puts pictures in. It can take ages to find suitable ones, so yours will be really useful. Ta muchly. 🙂

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      2. It was a nice thought, Bekki, and I did take it in the way it was intended. When I get to F, I’ll certainly bear the word in mind. If I can’t find a great deal to write about it, or the only one is the one you kindly offered, I won’t be using it. I think it’s a great word, and naturally, it reminds me of leap-frog (which I always loved playing – when I was younger, of course). 🙂

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