Sunday Sevens #54

It’s Sunday again, so time for another #sundaysevens – the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins. Sunday sevens is seven photos of snippets of your personal week.


  1. Despite the forecast of heavy rain on Sunday, it was absolutely glorious on Mawgan Porth beach.


2. Lovely husband bought himself a new toy, claiming he’s always wanted one of these but had never been allowed!!!!


3.  Had burger and chips for lunch at the beachside café.

I'm not really that messy, the chips at the side are cooling for Hicks.
I’m not really that messy, the chips at the side are cooling for Hicks.

4. And a pineapple and coconut smoothie in an interesting glass.

Pineapple and Coconut Smoothie

5. Despite the Sunshine on Sunday, we knew the bad weather was coming, so Lovely Husband put up the turbo trainer with his old bike on it in my office – we bought it a year ago and this first time it’s come out of it’s box!

Turbo Trainer

6. Although it’s been too wet for gardening, I repotted my hydrangea cuttings. They’ve been a real success – 11 out of 12 have taken. Can’t say the same for the fuchsias (1 out of 12), or the nice fuzzy bush plant thing (1 out of 12). But as Meatloaf says, Thirteen Out of Thirty Six Ain’t Bad 🙂


7. Some lovely ladies in the village found out I’m a crafty sort and invited me to their craft afternoon. And where there’s craft there should always be cake. This was absolutely scrummy pineapple and carrot cake. Gorgeously sticky chocolate cake in the background.


Hope you’ve had a great week too!

Bekki Hill

41 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #54

    1. Thank you. Yes, good to have some better weather – although Monday onwards has a been really wet here. So pleased to hear Hugo’s lump has gone 🙂 Mr Hicks now has to have and an ultrasound this week, which may turn into a scan, depending on what they find. He’s very up and down with what’s going on and unless you see him having a bad moment, he seems absolutely tickety boo.


  1. You’re up early this morning! I don’t envy you getting all the sand out of Mr. Hicks’ coat. Is he a bath lover?
    That burger and chips looks gorgeous and at least you could work it all off on your turbo charged bike thingy.
    I love that you appear to be taking gardening advice from Meatloaf 😉

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    1. I cheated and I scheduled it Saturday night 🙂
      Hick’s is used to a daily shower with the hose, because he’s spent his whole life getting covered in something or other. It’s more of shock when you don’t have to hose him down.
      As for Meatloaf – of course, I’m sure there’s no one better versed on the subject 😉


      1. Oh dear, good luck. Other people can be a real nuisance feeding your pets. I can’t believe how many people will give Hicks a treat without checking with me first. I think people are a lot worse with other people’s cat’s because they wander from house to house.

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      2. I know it’s not either side (they are avid garden lovers). I think it’s someone from across the road. I might get a cat tag engraved with something like – I’m a special diet or something. Of course she could be wandering through a cat flap and eating some poor buggar’s tea!

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    1. LOL! Yes, I managed three separate half hours – although the seat is at a very odd angle and rather painful. Fortunately there was a dry morning Thursday, so could get out on the real thing and hubby readjusted the seat yesterda, so hopefully less pain next time it’s raining.


    1. Can’t argue there. It’s funny how things happen -my group found me, because I entered some items in the craft section in the local produce show. I knew all of them except one already, but they didn’t know I was into craft.

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  2. What lovely beach pics 🙂 Mr Hicks looks so relaxed! That burger looks delicious! We have those glasses and it took me ages to get used to drinking out of them because of the weight – I kept on knocking my teeth! Ha!

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  3. A lovely variety of photos of your week. Mr.Hicks evidently needed cooling off – and you have some yummy food pics. Lovely Husband seemed to enjoy turning back the years! And why not? What better place could you find to let your hair down than the beach? The turbo-bike sounds a great idea for wet, winter days (or wet summer days) when getting out for a walk doesn’t sound too wonderful.

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