Playing with crochet

One of things I love about crochet is that you can make shapes and 3D structures more easily than with knitting. For some time now I’ve been intending to explore crochet flowers and discover how different shapes are formed in making their structures.

Last night I finally pulled out my copy of 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet.

100 Flowers to knit and crochet - Lesley Stanfield
I confess I was impressed how many knitted flowers there were.

I decided to start at the beginning of the crochet section and work through. However, I have no idea what a hellebore  is, but I do  know what a buttercup is. I didn’t think the buttercup looked like a buttercup. In fact I thought the hellebore looked more buttercup shaped.


So I crochet the hellebore using buttercup colours to make a buttercup.

Crochet buttercup

Unimpressed with the chrysanthemum, I turned over and made a daisy…

crochet daisy

I then moved to the rose. I’ve not sewn it together yet, and it’s looking more like a pink cabbage to me, but still it was interesting to explore the construction.

Crochet rose

That was a far as I got.  I did enjoy playing with the flowers and will work on through the book. Does anyone have any recommendations for good books on crochet flowers or leaves?

I hope you find some time for creative play this weekend.

Bekki Hill

32 thoughts on “Playing with crochet

  1. Crochet is one of the skills I’ve tried but never mastered except for one summer about 4 years ago when I seemed to be touched by the crochet fairy and produced lots of quite complicated clothing items which I look at now and can’t believe I made. Now, it is as if I had never held a crochet hook in my life. When my Mum was visiting last year she wanted to crochet a flower for a knitting project she was working on so we followed an online tutorial, step by step and I was so bad I was, again, amazed that I had once actually made something wearable.
    There are lots of free tutorials on YouTube for crocheting flowers – have you had a look at some of those?

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  2. Great new look. What I like about crochet is that you can make something really quickly. I have done flowers in the past but I tend to stick to squares because I find crochet patterns quite difficult to decipher!

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  3. I also love the the sheep photo! 🙂 Lovely flowers Bekki! I like the book you have, it shows a chart as well as written instructions. As the previous comments mentioned youtube, there are also some great library books too. they show joining methods as well. I have one by Edie Eckman…Connect the shapes Crochet motifs.

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    1. Hi Sharon. Glad you like the new look and that you realised it was me. There are some nice flowers in the book, but I’m not sure about some of them. Still it’ll be good for learning how to work the techniques together. xx

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  4. I wholeheartedly agree with you Bekki, crochet is more free form than knitting, working in the round offers so many opportunities. Your flowers are gorgeous! I like the daisy it is very pretty.

    I have often looked at this book in bookshops it looks really easy to follow. I like the charts rather than the written instructions they seem to make more sense.

    I am no gardener, but I believe a hellebore is also called a christmas rose, because they flower in the winter. They are lovely little plants because they brighten up a winter garden when all else is asleep. I only know this because we have one by the front door.

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    1. Hello. Thanks for enlightening me about hellebores – I’ll have to look our for them. Yes, I have found the book easy to follow and it’s the first time I’ve used a chart – but it has written too, so good for learning. But like you, I think I’m going to prefer chats once I’m used to them.

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  5. The quizzical sheep lined up make for a great header, I agree, and perfect for your new look and name 🙂 OMGoodness, if you asked me to confront a crochet pattern, no matter how simple, I’d be off running in the opposite direction ;-/ I’m so in awe of all who have mastered this craft!

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      1. Your photo is very artistic, don’t you think the sheep at the left looks as if it is shouting to others to hurry up to be in the shot LOL 😉
        I can crochet on my fingers but only round and round (which kind of looks like a flower/mopcap when it’s done) something my grandma showed me when I was about six or seven – I’ve never mastered even doing a little square, even my crafting neighbour went to great pains to instruct me and yet it still hasn’t gelled ;-/?? It could all be down to the fact that I have taught myself most things without patterns, hence finding the idea of a crochet pattern so scary. Maybe I should stick to what I know and just admire what crafters like yourself can make 😀

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      2. Funny you should say that, it started with two sheep on top of that bank and as we got Mr Hicks into the car more and more joined them plus more came round the corner. So, yes, I think you’re right.

        I didn’t have patterns when I started, just someone patient to help me. So maybe I would have found patterns scary at the start too? We all have different talents and I think it’s important to learn, but not to push ourselves into learning things just because some makes us feel we should. You create so many beautiful pieces, I’d say do whatever you heart tells you. Also it’s human nature too to look in awe at what others can do but we can’t.

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  6. It took me a while to remember that this new blog in my reader was you Bekki – but I got there 🙂
    I have several flower making books and tend to agree with you, at best it’s a guess what something is supposed to be – colour choices can change something a lot. Like other commenters, when looking for something specific, I now make YouTube my first stop and subscribe where I like the manner and clarity of the instructor.

    Having said all that these are the books I have 20 Crochet Flowers by Jan Ollis a small cheap affair which I haven’t actually used yet but I do like the look of the pictured flowers on the cover. More expensive is Arne and Carlos and I have made some of their generic type flowers and quite like them. I also have Edie Eckman’s invaluable book ‘Connect the Shapes’ which has a number of flower designs within it and also lots of other inspirational patterns. I recommend this book just for its numerous ideas and how-to’s.

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    1. Hello! Thank you for remembering I was me. I knew I’d lose a few people if I changed names, but hopefully most will reconnect me to the new name. Thanks for all the lovely suggestions – off to check them out 🙂


  7. Your crocheted flowers are really pretty, Bekki, even if you don’t think they look like what they’re supposed to be. Crochet has always fascinated me, but I’ve never really tried it.I’ve alawys enjoyed knitting so much, I suppose.

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