Name change

Quite some time ago, I came to a point where I recognised I wanted to spend less time sat in front of a computer writing fiction and more time engaged with the world and more practical creativity.

Title Page

I was already dabbling in lots of areas, but wanted to be more focussed. However,  I struggled to find focus, so I decided to start a blog and see what ‘rose to the top’.

I settled on the name The Creativity Cauldron, because it left me open to embrace creativity in all forms. I also liked the idea that magic is created in a cauldron and that hopefully something magical would come out of my blogging.


I don’t know about magic, but I certainly have gained far more that I could have ever hoped in the short seven and a half months I’ve been here. You can read about some of this in my six month review. But on top of all that and more, I also felt as if a spell had been lifted that was blinding me from seeing how much I love yarn based crafts – in particular knitting. I’m really not sure how I missed it, but there was now no doubt about what had risen to the top.

Lacey Jumper 5 Bekki Hill

Despite calling my blog The Creativity Cauldron, I was never quite comfortable with it – too vague and it sounded just bit too occult. Long term I also wanted something that felt more me. Now I’d found the practical creative vent that really engaged me, it was time for a name change.

After much thinking, I’ve decided to go with Dartmoor Yarns.

Why Dartmoor?

I absolutely love Dartmoor and – despite none of how wonderful Dartmoor is being down to me – I’m very proud to live here.

Cloud Pictures

And yarns?

Well, of course there’s my love of yarn.

Lucky enough to find fourteen ball of this gorgeous turquoise. I'm thinking a nice cable cardigan or jumper from these.


A yarn is a story – usually fictitious – and I still love to read and write fiction. I also think the story definition embraces that we tell stories in out blogs – although hopefully they’re true. Furthermore there are so many wonderful tales about Dartmoor and I love exploring these.

Yarn can also mean to chat – again just what we do on our blogs.

Yarn Definition

I’m going to make the change in the next couple of days, so my next post should come from Dartmoor Yarns. It should show up in everyone’s subscriptions while I’ve still got my old paid for Creativity Cauldron addy. When that goes, all those who follow me on WordPress will still get my posts, but those who follow on other RSS feeds won’t, so please do resubscribe to when I make my next post.

I do hope you like the name change!

Bekki Hill

38 thoughts on “Name change

  1. So you’re not a witch then? 😉

    Dartmoor Yarns is a good name – although until I put the emphasis on the word ‘yarns’ as stories, I thought you were opening a shop. Perhaps you will eventually – another string to your bow.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A great new title, Bekki. I really like it! It suits your love of yarns (of all types) and knitting. I agree with you about knitting – it’s always tops with me, too. And Dartmoor is a beautiful, desolate and sometimes moody place. You’re lucky to live so close to it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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